Actress Bruna Marquezine to Ex Wag Elena Berri Celebrities Shine at F1 Brazilian GP

Bruna Marquezine, Sasha Meneghel, and More at Sao Paulo GP Image
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Actress Bruna Marquezine to Ex Wag Elena Berri Celebrities Shine at F1 Brazilian GP. A star-studded entourage has graced the Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Interlagos with their presence. 

The event, held under the sunny São Paulo sky, saw celebrities donning sophisticated and stylish attire. 

Among the notable guests was not only Elena and Bruna but also other celebs from different fields making the audience at Brazilian GP awed to their cores.

The Sao Paulo GP radiated excitement and glamor, thanks to the captivating presence of these luminaries.

Actress Bruna Marquezine to Ex Wag Elena Berri Celebrities Shine at F1 Brazilian GP

The 2023 Brazilian GP witnessed a dazzling display of celebrity allure, headlined by the graceful actress Bruna Marquezine, football coach Abel Ferreira and many others. 

Amid the glitz and glamor, other notable guests included Ítalo Ferreira, Sasha Meneghel, Pedro Scooby, Elena Berri, and João Figueiredo. 

The event sparkled with an atmosphere of excitement and happiness, as these luminaries graced the occasion, making it an unforgettable experience.

Actress Bruna Marquezine’s Glamorous Appearance

Neymar Jr’s ex girlfriend and actress Bruna Marquezine radiated glamor in Interlagos Speedway Circuit

Her stylish black and white ensemble, complemented by a striking red cap, captured the essence of sophistication. 

Bruna’s presence added a touch of elegance to the event, drawing admiration for her fashion choices and her ability to make a statement with her style. 

The sunny São Paulo day illuminated her chic appearance, making it a memorable part of the Brazilian GP’s charm.

Elegant Elena Berri, Ex-Girlfriend of Esteban Ocon

Elena Berri, an intriguing personality, is widely known as the former girlfriend of F1 driver Esteban Ocon

Her attendance at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix raised eyebrows due to her significant association with the racing world. 

However, her presence at the GP was largely attributed, according to some fans, to her current romantic relationship with a Brazilian businessman

This newfound connection within Brazil has piqued interest and fueled speculation about her activities and affiliations.

Sasha Meneghel’s Grace

Sasha Meneghel graced the Brazilian GP with her poise and elegance. 

The stylish attire she chose radiated a timeless charm, perfectly in line with her renowned grace. 

Sasha’s presence at the event added a touch of sophistication, and her style drew admiration from all who witnessed her at Interlagos, making her an embodiment of elegance.

Presence of João Figueiredo

The presence of João Figueiredo at F1 Brazilian GP added a youthful and vibrant dimension to the event. 

His attendance was marked by a comfortable and laid-back sense of style, opting for casual appearance

João’s appearance, coupled with the excitement of the race, contributed to the overall lively atmosphere of the Grand Prix.

Pedro Scooby Shines

Pedro Scooby brought his unique shine to Grand Prix. 

Opting for comfortable attire, he showcased his individuality with a cool-looking attire. 

His presence added to the event’s vibrant atmosphere and contributed to the overall excitement of the race.

Pedro’s distinctive style and charisma were a noteworthy part of the Grand Prix’s allure.

Ítalo Ferreira’s Charm

Ítalo Ferreira exuded charm at the Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Opting for a relaxed outfit, he carried an air of charisma that effortlessly blended with the event’s excitement. 

Ítalo’s presence contributed to the overall vibrant atmosphere, making him a captivating element of the Grand Prix’s charm.

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Coach Abel Ferreira’s Stylish Presence

Coach Abel Ferreira added a touch of elegance to the Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix with his stylish presence. 

Known for his accomplishments in the football world, he appeared in a sophisticated and fashionable outfit, underlining his distinctive style. 

Abel’s attendance at the Grand Prix brought an air of sophistication and glamor to the event, making him a notable figure in the audience.


In conclusion, the Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix at Interlagos was a star-studded spectacle that blended excitement and glamor in a harmonious symphony. 

The presence of notable celebrities, including Coach Abel Ferreira, Pedro Scooby, Sasha Meneghel, actress Bruna Marquezine, João Figueiredo, and Ítalo Ferreira infused the event with a unique and captivating shine. 

Their elegant style, vivacious personalities, and intriguing connections added a layer of fascination to the Grand Prix.

It was an occasion to remember, where sports and entertainment converged to create an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

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