F1’s Latest Gossip Bombshell: Alexandra Saint Mleux’s Racism Scandal with a Liked Tweet 

Alexandra Saint Mleux's Private Persona Clashes with Online Fame Image
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Alexandra Saint Mleux’s Racism Scandal with a Liked Tweet. In the high-speed world of F1, gossip has found a new target in the form of Alexandra Saint Mleux, the girlfriend of Charles Leclerc

In a shocking twist, a long-forgotten social media activity resurfaced, revealing that Alexandra had liked a racist tweet back in 2017

This revelation has sent shockwaves through the F1 community, leading to fan pages discontinuing their support and raising questions about the private life of a social media star who is no stranger to the spotlight. 

Welcome to the latest gossip bombshell in the world of Formula 1.

Alexandra Saint Mleux’s Racism Scandal with a Liked Tweet 

In a startling revelation, Alexandra Saint-Mleux, girlfriend of Formula 1 star Charles Leclerc, finds herself entangled in a racism scandal stemming from a liked tweet dating back to 2017

This discovery has sent shockwaves through the racing world, prompting fan pages to withdraw their support. 

Alexandra’s sudden fall from grace raises poignant questions about the hidden aspects of her life, casting a spotlight on the complex intersection of fame, social media, and personal beliefs.

Alexandra Saint Mleux’s Rising Profile

A name once shrouded in mystery, Alexandra Saint Mleux, now commands attention with her burgeoning online presence. 

Studying Art History in Paris, this 21-year-old Italian has risen to fame, boasting a substantial following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok

However, her profile skyrocketed further when her relationship with Charles Leclerc, a prominent figure in Formula 1 and driver of Ferrari, became public. 

Their lavish appearances at events like the Monaco Grand Prix and Wimbledon thrust her into the limelight, solidifying her status as a social media star on the rise.

The Liked Tweet Revelation

A bombshell shook Alex’s world when a long-buried secret emerged: she had once liked a racist tweet almost 6 years ago.

This revelation, unearthed from her social media history, sent shockwaves through her fan base and the wider Formula 1 community. 

The liked tweet, a stark contrast to her glamorous public image, ignited intense discussions and raised questions about the values held by prominent figures in the sport.

Fan Page’s Reaction

The fallout from Alexandra Saint Mleux’s liked tweet scandal rippled through fan communities, particularly impacting a dedicated fan page, alexandrasaintmleux.mcu

The page administrator, once an ardent supporter, expressed profound disappointment and decided to sever ties with Alexandra. 

This move underscored the gravity of the situation, as the administrator articulated how the revelation had shattered their initial enthusiasm, revealing the divisive nature of the controversy within the fan base.

From ‘Queen’ to Controversy: Why Fans are Unfollowing Alexandra Saint Mleux

Once hailed as the “queen” of fan admiration, Alexandra Saint Mleux’s status has taken a hit due to a racism controversy stemming from the liked tweet in 2017

Fans, once ardent in their support, are now unfollowing as they grapple with the revelation. 

The stark contrast between her public image and this controversy has left fans questioning their loyalty, highlighting the profound impact of this controversy on her once-devoted following.

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Alexandra’s Discomfort with the Spotlight

Amidst the glitz and glamor of the Formula 1 world, Alexandra Saint Mleux’s recent actions reveal her discomfort with the constant spotlight. 

Even as she gained fame as F1’s WAG and Charles Leclerc’s girlfriend, her efforts to evade paparazzi and avoid the camera flashes have raised eyebrows among fans. 

A telling message to a fan page, where she expressed feeling self-conscious about posted photos, sheds light on the complex relationship between online persona and real-world exposure, hinting at a personality not entirely at ease with the fame that comes with stardom.


In conclusion, the unfolding saga surrounding Alexandra Saint Mleux has transformed her from a rising star into the epicenter of a Formula 1 gossip storm. 

Her liked tweet scandal from 2017, now brought to light, has shattered her previously adoring fan base. 

It’s a stark reminder that fame comes with a double-edged sword, and the collision of a glamorous public image with real-world discomfort has raised profound questions about the intersection of personal beliefs, social media, and the relentless scrutiny of the spotlight in the world of Formula 1. 

The controversy continues to captivate fans and provoke discussions, making it a defining moment in the realm of F1 gossip.

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