All About Hungarian Grand Prix 2023: Practice, Qualifying, and Race Start Times

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All about Hungarian Grand Prix 2023 season is here. Welcome to the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023, an exhilarating race set to take place at the challenging Hungaroring circuit near Budapest. This eagerly anticipated event marks the 11th round of the 2023 Formula 1 season and promises intense action on the narrow, twisty track, often compared to Monaco.Get ready to witness thrilling practice sessions, qualifying battles, and the main race as drivers vie for the top step of the podium.

Hungarian Grand Prix 2023 Race Start Times

The race weekend culminates on Sunday, July 23, with the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023 scheduled to start at 1:30 pm (GST). As the 11th round of the Formula 1 season, anticipation runs high for an action-packed race at the challenging Hungaroring circuit. Drivers aim to capitalize on their qualifying positions and vie for victory in the narrow and twisty track. Fans around the world eagerly await the adrenaline-fueled spectacle as drivers battle for the top step of the rostrum.

Hungarian Grand Prix 2023 Track Type and Specifications

The Hungaroring, hosting the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023, is renowned for its narrow, twisty layout, making it comparable to the challenging Monaco track. Spanning 4.381 km, the circuit boasts 14 turns and a mix of high-speed and low-speed corners. Notably, Lewis Hamilton set the lap record in 2020 with a blistering time of 1:16.627. The track’s unique characteristics provide an exciting backdrop for the drivers’ intense battle for victory.

Practice Sessions, Qualifying, and Main Race

Following are the practice sessions of the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023:

  • Practice 1:
    • Date: Friday, July 21
    • Time: 11:30 am (GMT)
  • Practice 2:
    • Date: Friday, July 21
    • Time: 3:00 pm (GMT)
  • Practice 3:
    • Date: Saturday, July 22
    • Time: 11:00 am (GMT)
  • Qualifying:
    • Date: Saturday, July 22
    • Time: 2:30 pm (GMT)
  • Main Race:
    • Date: Sunday, July 23
    • Time: 1:30 pm (GMT)

Key Contenders and Storylines

In the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023, all eyes are on the key contenders vying for glory. Max Verstappen, with his dominant form, leads the drivers’ championship, closely followed by his Red Bull teammate, Sergio Perez. The battle intensifies as other drivers, like Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, strive to challenge the Red Bull duo. With the narrow and twisty Hungaroring track setting the stage, fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding storylines and exhilarating duels that will shape this thrilling race.

How to Watch the Hungarian Grand Prix?

The Hungarian Grand Prix 2023 will be broadcasted in various countries around the world, allowing fans to witness the thrilling action at the Hungaroring circuit near Budapest. Here is a comprehensive list of broadcasting channels for different regions:

  • AFRICA: Fans can catch the Hungarian GP 2023 race on
    • SuperSport
  • AUSTRALIA: Viewers in Australia can tune in to the Hungarian Grand Prix via
    • Fox Sports,
    • Foxtel Kayo, and
    • and Network Ten
  • AUSTRIA: The Hungarian Grand Prix race will be available on
    • Servus TV, and
    • ORF
  • BRAZIL: Brazilian viewers can catch Hungarian GP on
    • Bandeirantes, and
    • Bandsports
  • CANADA: In Canada Hungarian Grand Prix, 2023 is available on the following broadcasting channels
    • RDS,
    • RDS 2,
    • TSN, and
    • Noovo
  • CHINA: Motorsport enthusiasts in China can watch the race on
    • CCTV,
    • Shanghai TV, and
    • Guangdong Television Channel
  • EUROPE: For European viewers, there are several options.
    • In Belgium,
      • RTBF,
      • Telenet, and
      • Play Sports
    • In Bulgaria fans can watch it on
      • Nova, and
      • Diema Sport
    • Croatian and Slovenian viewers can tune in to
      • Sport Klub
    • While Czech and Slovak fans can enjoy the race on
      • AMC
  • GERMANY: German fans can follow Hungarian GP, 2023 race on
    • Sky Deutschland
  • ITALY: The Italian broadcast of Hungarian Grand Prix 2023 will be available on
    • Sky Italia
  • UNITED KINGDOM: Fans in the UK can watch the Hungarian Grand Prix on
    • Sky Sports, and
    • C4
  • USA: American viewers can enjoy the race on
    • ESPN, and
    • ESPN Deportes

These are just a few examples, and the Hungarian Grand Prix will be broadcasted in many more countries globally. Fans are encouraged to check their local listings for exact details to ensure they don’t miss any of the thrilling action as the drivers battle for victory and valuable championship points at the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023.


The Hungarian Grand Prix 2023 promises to be a captivating and exhilarating race on the challenging Hungaroring circuit. With Max Verstappen’s dominant form and Sergio Perez as his formidable teammate, the battle for the drivers’ championship is intense. Fans around the world eagerly await the practice sessions, qualifying, and the main race to witness the thrilling duels and key storylines unfold.

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