F1 Gossip Heats Up: Alonso Rumored to Fill the Seat Next to Verstappen in 2024

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Alonso Rumored to Fill the Seat Next to Verstappen in 2024. In the high-octane world of Formula 1, the rumor mill is spinning at full throttle, and the latest buzz centers around none other than Fernando Alonso

Following the Mexico Grand Prix, where tensions ran high and surprises were aplenty, the key question on every F1 enthusiast’s mind is: Will Alonso join Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing in 2024?

This tantalizing gossip is set against a backdrop of uncertainty, with the future of Red Bull’s second driver, the fate of Aston Martin’s F1 project, and Alonso’s own career all intertwined in a web of intrigue. 

Get ready for a wild ride through the twists and turns of the F1 rumor mill.

Alonso Rumored to Fill the Seat Next to Verstappen in 2024

The speculation surrounding Fernando Alonso potentially occupying the seat alongside Max Verstappen in 2024 has set the Formula 1 community abuzz. 

This rumor takes center stage as doubts loom over Sergio Perez’s performance and his future with Red Bull Racing. 

The question of who will share the track with Verstappen is not a simple one, with contenders like Daniel Ricciardo and the consideration of various dynamics. 

As the F1 world eagerly anticipates the future, the prospect of Alonso joining forces with Verstappen adds an electrifying twist to the story.

Sergio Perez’s Current Situation

Checo Perez, amidst the buzz in Formula 1, finds himself in a precarious position. His struggles throughout the season have raised questions about his future at Red Bull Racing. 

Once a contender for the world title, Perez’s performance has faltered, leaving him under scrutiny. 

The Mexican driver not only lags behind Max Verstappen in terms of pace but has also incurred a substantial cost for the team due to frequent crashes, which is far from ideal given the budget constraints in the sport. 

Red Bull’s quest for a more competitive 2nd driver places Perez’s seat in jeopardy.

Daniel Ricciardo as an Alternative

In the search for an alternative to Sergio Perez, the spotlight turns to Daniel Ricciardo. His performance in Mexico, qualifying 4th and impressively racing in the RB19 ahead of Perez, showcases his potential. 

However, the competition is fierce. 

While Ricciardo is a promising choice, Alexander Albon at Williams presents another candidate who has shown remarkable growth. 

Red Bull’s decision must balance the prospects and make a crucial choice for their 2nd driver.

Other Potential Candidates

Beyond Daniel Ricciardo, several other contenders emerge on the horizon as potential candidates to share the track with Max Verstappen. 

Alex Albon, currently making waves at Williams, has demonstrated significant growth. 

Additionally, discussions with Lando Norris have taken place, although Norris expresses a preference for a prolonged stay at McLaren

While Carlos Sainz is an old friend of Red Bull and aligns well with Charles Leclerc, his aspiration to win for himself might conflict with the role of a 2nd driver

The decision-making process involves weighing the pros and cons of each candidate for this pivotal position in the team.

Future of Aston Martin

The once-promising journey of Aston Martin in Formula 1 takes a critical turn as uncertainty clouds its future. 

Following a lackluster performance in Mexico, rumors swirl that Lawrence Stroll, the team’s principal, may consider ending the F1 venture

Reports suggest the Geely Group might step in as a potential new owner.

Despite a strong start to the season, the team’s development of the RB18 veered off course, raising concerns for Stroll, who has invested substantial resources into the team. 

The future of Aston Martin in F1 remains a subject of intense speculation.

Fernando Alonso’s Uncertain Future

Alonso, the oldest driver on the Formula 1 grid at 42, stands at a crossroads in his career. 

As Aston Martin faces uncertainty, so does Alonso’s role within the team. 

The Spaniard previously left F1 due to mediocre performance at McLaren, a situation reminiscent of Aston Martin’s struggles. 

Despite his undeniable talent, Alonso must shoulder part of the blame for the lack of growth under his leadership in the teams he’s been a part of. 

Still, a glimmer of hope remains for a spectacular career finale – a potential move to Red Bull Racing. 

The question now is, will Alonso see out his contract until 2024, or is this the time for a game-changing switch?

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Verstappen and Alonso: Team Dynamics

The potential pairing of Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso at Red Bull Racing sparks curiosity about the dynamics within the team. 

While the 2 drivers have a cordial relationship, the prospect of them as teammates raises questions about how well they would collaborate. 

Verstappen’s competitive nature and Alonso’s reputation as a strong-willed driver add complexity to the equation. 

Red Bull must weigh the benefits of having such a talented duo against the potential challenges it may pose, given the team’s record-breaking streak. 

The decision hinges on more than just skill; it’s about finding the right balance in team dynamics.


In the thrilling world of Formula 1, the speculation surrounding Fernando Alonso’s potential partnership with Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing has set the rumor mill into overdrive. 

As the F1 community eagerly anticipates the outcome of these whispers, it’s clear that significant changes are on the horizon. 

The future of Sergio Perez, the fate of Aston Martin’s F1 project, and the crucial decision regarding the second driver at Red Bull all remain uncertain. 

The coming chapters of F1 history promise twists, turns, and high-speed drama, as fans and enthusiasts buckle up for the ride.

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