AlphaTauri’s Daniel Ricciardo Unlikely to Return for Singapore Grand Prix

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AlphaTauri’s Daniel Ricciardo Unlikely to Return for Singapore Grand Prix. The Australian driver faces a challenging hurdle on his road to recovery. 

Following a recent hand injury during practice for the Dutch Grand Prix, Ricciardo has been navigating the complexities of rehabilitation. 

However, the latest updates from Red Bull team principal Christian Horner suggest that the Australian driver’s prolonged absence

This setback not only impacts Ricciardo’s comeback aspirations but also holds implications for AlphaTauri’s racing plans as they prepare for the upcoming events on the F1 calendar.

AlphaTauri’s Daniel Ricciardo Unlikely to Return for Singapore Grand Prix

In the realm of F1, the spotlight has shifted to Daniel Ricciardo, the Australian driver associated with AlphaTauri, as he grapples with an unforeseen challenge. 

Following a hand injury sustained during practice for the Dutch GP in late August, Ricciardo embarked on a journey of rehabilitation. 

However, the latest insights from Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner, cast a shadow of uncertainty over Ricciardo’s much-anticipated return for the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix

Ricciardo’s Injury and Recovery

Daniel Ricciardo’s journey in Formula 1 encountered a sudden twist with his hand injury sustained during practice for the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix. 

The incident, occurring on August 25, led to a metacarpal fracture, necessitating surgical intervention. 

Currently in the midst of rehabilitation, Ricciardo is focused on regaining full mobility in his hand, a crucial step toward his eventual return to the racing circuit

This episode has not only tested his resilience but has also brought a wave of uncertainty regarding his participation in future events.

Assessment by Red Bull Team Principal

The perspective of Christian Horner, sheds light on Daniel Ricciardo’s challenging situation. 

Expressing doubt regarding Ricciardo’s readiness for the forthcoming Singapore Grand Prix, Horner acknowledged that a swift return seems unlikely. 

With a cautious approach prioritizing Ricciardo’s complete recovery, the team is closely monitoring his progress, leaving the future of Ricciardo’s participation in upcoming races, including the one in Japan, uncertain.

Ricciardo’s Career Comeback

Daniel Ricciardo embarked on a remarkable journey, rekindling his career in Formula 1

Initially serving as Red Bull’s 3rd driver, he seized the opportunity to regain a competitive seat with AlphaTauri replacing Nyck de Vries

Impressively, he showcased his prowess before the season’s pause. 

However, a fateful incident in the Netherlands, where he crashed while avoiding McLaren’s Oscar Piastri’s car, curtailed his comeback prematurely. 

This setback has underscored the unpredictability of his career resurgence.

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Future Prospects and Races

With Daniel Ricciardo’s return to Formula 1 hanging in the balance, the future holds uncertainties for both him and AlphaTauri. 

Ricciardo’s eagerness to reclaim his seat at Suzuka is palpable, but the priority remains his full recovery. 

As the team evaluates his progress, the path ahead encompasses the physically demanding Singapore Grand Prix and the subsequent Qatar Grand Prix in October, which could see Liam Lawson continue as a stand-in driver. 

The decision-making process remains a day-by-day affair, contingent on Ricciardo’s recovery and nature’s course.


In conclusion, the journey of Daniel Ricciardo in Formula 1 has taken unexpected turns, marked by his resilience and determination. 

His battle against a hand injury and the uncertainty surrounding his return have underscored the unpredictability of this sport. 

While AlphaTauri and fans eagerly await his comeback, the priority remains his health and recovery. 

Ricciardo’s story serves as a testament to the challenges faced by athletes in their pursuit of excellence in the world of motorsport.

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