F1 Updates: AlphaTauri’s ‘Whatever It Takes’ Documentary Premieres in Venice While Alonso Partners with Aston Martin

Yuki Tsunoda Takes Venice by Storm as AlphaTauri Premieres 'Whatever It Takes' Documentary Image
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AlphaTauri’s ‘Whatever It Takes’ Documentary Premieres in Venice While Alonso Partners with Aston Martin. 

In the exciting world of Formula 1, AlphaTauri is set to dazzle fans with the premiere of their documentary, ‘Whatever It Takes,’ in the historic city of Venice

As the tantalizing film takes us on fans, we also dive into another news, where the charismatic Fernando Alonso teams up with Aston Martin to craft a collection of racing-inspired hats/caps

Join us in this whirlwind update that bridges the gap between timeless tales and contemporary collaborations in the heart of motorsport.

AlphaTauri’s ‘Whatever It Takes’ Documentary Premieres in Venice While Alonso Partners with Aston Martin

In a thrilling blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair, the enchanting city of Venice becomes the backdrop as AlphaTauri unveils their cinematic masterpiece, ‘Whatever It Takes.’ 

This captivating documentary journeys through the team’s rich history, while focusing on its drivers and its growth as Red Bull’s sister team

While on the modern F1 stage, the iconic Fernando Alonso collaborates with his F1 team Aston Martin to craft a collection of racing-inspired hats. 

Documentary Background

Delving into the essence of AlphaTauri’s ‘Whatever It Takes’ documentary, this captivating film takes spectators on a journey that transcends traditional Formula 1 narratives. 

Former driver, Pierre Gasly and current driver, Yuki Tsunoda emerge as the central figures, shedding light on the team’s storied history. 

Produced in collaboration with Digital Lighthouse, this cinematic endeavor aims to reveal the intricacies of AlphaTauri’s evolution from its Red Bull acquisition, offering fans a glimpse into the making of Formula 1’s masterpieces.

Premiere Details

The grand premiere of AlphaTauri’s ‘Whatever It Takes’ documentary is poised to take Venice by storm on September 6th, which is today. 

Already, the team AlphaTauri has released a glimpse of the documentary on social media featuring Yuki Tsunoda taking a selfie with his racing cars while cruising over to Venice.

This exclusive event promises to be a treat for Formula 1 enthusiasts, with a select audience of team guests and specialist racing media, Sky Sports in attendance. 

Following the premiere, fans worldwide can look forward to viewing this cinematic masterpiece on the Scuderia AlphaTauri YouTube channel, making the experience accessible to all.

Content Preview

Prepare to be captivated as AlphaTauri’s ‘Whatever It Takes’ documentary promises an intriguing glimpse behind the scenes. 

While featuring the prominent figures of Formula 1, including Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda, it’s far from your typical racing narrative. 

The dramatic laboratory setup and the meticulous craftsmanship involved in creating a Formula 1 car are spotlighted, setting the stage for an engaging cinematic experience. 

This documentary promises to be a must-watch for fans seeking a deeper understanding of Formula 1’s artistry.

Historical Context

Venture back nearly 2 decades as AlphaTauri’s ‘Whatever It Takes’ documentary unveils a captivating historical context. 

From its humble beginnings under Red Bull’s wings, the team’s transformation from the little Minardi team to Scuderia AlphaTauri is chronicled. 

Key players, starting with team principal Franz Tost, reminisce about the journey, providing viewers with a unique glimpse into the team’s remarkable evolution in the world of Formula 1.

Alonso’s Partnership with Aston Martin for Cap Collection

In a remarkable crossover of motorsport and style, Fernando Alonso forges an exciting partnership with Aston Martin to introduce a captivating cap collection. 

Inspired by the racing fervor of Brazil, Austin, and Mexico, this collaboration promises to redefine racing-themed fashion. 

Alonso’s distinctive touch adds a unique flair to these head-turning caps, inviting fans to celebrate their passion for F1 in a fashionable new way.

Collection Design

The collection of racing-inspired caps born from the collaboration between Aston Martin and Fernando Alonso showcases a meticulously crafted design. 

These caps boast vibrant colors, adorned with logos, and intricate racing symbols that pay homage to the energy of Mexico, Austin, and Brazil

Each design element embodies the essence of these iconic racing destinations, allowing fans to don a piece of the Formula 1 world in style.

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2023 Formula 1 Season: Drivers and Teams’ Points Standings

Meanwhile, let us take a look at the points and standings our F1 teams and their drivers have gained so far in this season:

1Max Verstappen 364Red Bull Racing Honda583
2Sergio Perez 219Red Bull Racing Honda583
3Fernando Alonso 170Aston Martin Aramco217
4Lewis Hamilton 164Mercedes273
5Carlos Sainz 117Ferrari228
6Charles Leclerc 111Ferrari228
7George Russell 109Mercedes273
8Lando Norris79McLaren Mercedes115
9Lance Stroll 47Aston Martin Aramco217
10Pierre Gasly 37Alpine Renault73
11Esteban Ocon 36Alpine Renault73
12Oscar Piastri 36McLaren Mercedes115
13Alexander Albon 21Williams Mercedes21
14Nico Hulkenberg 9Haas Ferrari11
15Valtteri Bottas 6Alfa Romeo Ferrari10
16Zhou Guanyu 4Alfa Romeo Ferrari10
17Yuki Tsunoda 3AlphaTauri Honda3
18Kevin Magnussen 2Haas Ferrari11
19Logan Sargeant 0Williams Mercedes21
20Liam Lawson 0AlphaTauri Honda3


In closing, the convergence of historical narratives and modern collaborations in the world of Formula 1 creates an exhilarating blend of past and present. 

AlphaTauri’s ‘Whatever It Takes’ documentary takes us on a journey through time, while Fernando Alonso’s partnership with Aston Martin introduces a stylish fusion of motorsport and fashion. 

This dynamic interplay keeps the spirit of Formula 1 alive, enticing fans to embrace the sport’s multifaceted allure.

As the season unfolds and the storylines evolve, the world of Formula 1 continues to be a stage where tradition and innovation harmoniously coexist.

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