Barbie Fever Hits the Formula 1 World: From McLaren to Hungarian Grand Prix 2023 Trophy Barbie Collaborates with the Sporting

McLaren Releases Barbie-Themed Poster Image
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Barbie Fever Hits the Formula 1 World. Ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023, McLaren surprises fans with a creative collaboration, teaming up with the iconic doll brand Barbie. The excitement reached its peak when the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023 championship trophy was revealed with a Barbie theme. Meanwhile, Haas driver Nico Hulkenberg playfully embraces a “Barbie movie vibe” with his striking new look. The racing world is thrilled with the latest collaboration between Barbie and F1.

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Barbie Fever Hits the Formula 1 World

The F1 is embracing the most trending and beloved Barbie. The enchantment takes a surprising turn as McLaren joins forces with the iconic doll brand Barbie, unveiling a captivating Barbie-themed poster ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023. From Lando’s champagne mishaps to a Haas driver’s playful embrace of the trend, the racing world is caught in the magic of Barbie, as glamor and unexpected moments converge on the race track.

McLaren’s Barbie-Themed Poster

In a captivating display of marketing brilliance, the world of Formula 1 collides with the enchanting universe of Barbie as McLaren unveils its mesmerizing Barbie-themed poster ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023. The poster showcases McLaren’s top drivers, with Lando Norris looking effortlessly cool in the driver’s seat and Oscar Piastri relaxing in the back. The car featured is the same one from Barbie’s trailer, creating a delightful synergy between the film and the racing world. Adorned with the signature Barbie font, the poster sets the stage for an exciting and glamorous race weekend, capturing the hearts of fans around the globe.

Barbie-Inspired Hungarian Grand Prix Trophy Design

The recently held Hungarian Grand Prix has created a buzz among Formula 1 fans as a Barbie-inspired trophy design steals the spotlight. With a beautiful pink hue, the trophy crafted by the Herend Porcelain Manufactory in Hungary has fans wondering if it is a tribute to the release of the Barbie film. While the association might not be definite, the allure of the pink trophy and its estimated worth of $40,000 added an extra touch of excitement to the race weekend.

Champagne Mishap: Lando Norris Smashes Max Verstappen’s Trophy

During the podium celebrations at the Hungarian Grand Prix, an unexpected twist unfolds as Lando Norris accidentally smashes Max Verstappen‘s trophy in a champagne mishap. The McLaren driver’s habit of opening champagne bottles with an impact results in the trophy toppling off the top step, breaking into pieces. Despite the accident, the celebrations continue with Verstappen securing a victorious win, leaving the racing world in high spirits. Furthermore, even in the recent interview, this incident led to a jovial environment among the drivers.

Lando Norris Smashes Max Verstappen's Hungarian Grand Prix Trophy in a Champagne Mishap Image
Source: The Mirror

Red Bull’s Barbie Reel

The team that is on a streak of championships, Red Bull, has tapped into the widespread allure of Barbie fever by creating a captivating reel featuring the iconic doll. This collaboration between Red Bull and Barbie has stirred excitement among fans, as the video showcases the team’s stars Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez setting a new standard for creative marketing in the industry. The reel on instagram received a huge response from the audience, although it seemed the reel was a bit messy with all the laughter from everyone including Verstappen and Perez.

Nico Hulkenberg’s Barbie Movie Look

Embracing the Barbie movie frenzy, Nico Hulkenberg makes a striking entrance at the Hungarian Grand Prix with his eye-catching Barbie movie look. Sporting a dyed bleach blond hair, Hulkenberg jokes about his resemblance to the iconic doll, sparking curiosity among fans. Despite the playful vibe, the Haas driver remains focused on the upcoming race, expecting a tough weekend ahead for his team.


The world of Formula 1 has been swept up by the captivating charm of Barbie and Ken fever. From champagne mishaps to drivers embracing the Barbie trend, the racing community is immersed in the magic of Barbie, bringing glamor and joy to the track. The enchantment of Barbie continues to leave its mark on Formula 1, leaving fans eager for more surprises and memorable moments in future races. Surely, Barbie x F1 is bringing style to the tracks.

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