Bianca Bustamante Issues Apology Over Autism Stroll Tweet Like Controversy 

Bianca Bustamante Apologizes After Liking Offensive Tweet Targeting Lance Stroll Image
Bianca Bustamante Apologizes After Liking Offensive Tweet Targeting Lance Stroll (Image Credit – Sportsmanor)

Bianca Bustamante Issues Apology Over Autism Stroll Tweet Like Controversy . In a recent social media storm, McLaren’s emerging talent, Bianca Bustamante, found herself at the center of controversy. 

The female McLaren driver finds herself in a pickle for liking a tweet that targeted Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll with the offensive term ‘Autism Stroll.’

The incident, which sparked immediate backlash, prompted Bustamante to issue a public apology on her X (Twitter) account

This unforeseen controversy raises questions about the intersection of social media, professionalism, and the impact on rising stars in the Formula 1 community.

Bianca Bustamante Issues Apology Over Autism Stroll Tweet Like Controversy 

In response to the recent controversy surrounding her inadvertent like of a tweet referring to Lance Stroll with Autism, McLaren’s rising star, Bianca Bustamante, has swiftly issued a public apology.

Acknowledging the unintentional nature of the like, Bustamante expressed regret and clarified her stance against any form of Ableism, especially directed at fellow drivers. 

This incident underscores the challenges of navigating social media in the high-stakes world of Formula 1.

Tweet Controversy

The controversy sparked when Bustamante liked a tweet containing disparaging remarks about an F1 driver, purportedly targeting Lance Stroll

The tweet suggested that Stroll, characterized as a “weirdo”, manipulates women into fighting each other for him.

This made fans express their outrage which led to some calling her “overrated”.

Recognizing the mistake, she promptly unliked and deleted the post in response to fans deeming her overrated. 

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when a supporter defended Bustamante against the overrated accusations but included negative comments about “daddy’s money” and “Autism Stroll.” 

Surprisingly, Bustamante liked this particular tweet, thrusting her into the center of controversy over allegations of expressing ableism.

Bustamante’s Apology on Social Media

Emphasizing the accidental nature of the like, Bianca apologized and expressed her staunch stance against any form of Ableism directed at her fellow drivers

“I truly deeply apologise. I own up to mistakes having liked an inappropriate tweet, I can’t believe all the people whom I have hurt. 

I was scrolling and accidentally liked the tweet, once I discovered that later on, I immediately unliked it. 

As someone who grew up with my only brother having Autism, I completely understand the challenges faced by anyone that is Autistic. 

I would never in a million years support Ableism at any level, let alone support an Ableist tweet against a fellow driver. I take the topic of Autism very seriously and very personal. 

To Lance Stroll and anyone that this has offended, I sincerely apologize as these types of comments is something I do not support. 

I hope the racing community understands this is 100% an accident, my sincerest apologies for this big mistake.”

Community Responses

The social media storm surrounding Bianca Bustamante’s inadvertent like of an offensive tweet elicited diverse community responses. 

While some fans passionately defended her against accusations of being overrated, others criticized her for endorsing comments deemed ableist.

Some are also saying that the “accidental” liking of the tweets was not so “accidental” and asking Bianca not to bring her brother into the scandal.

The racing community’s reactions varied, showcasing the complexity of navigating controversies in the Formula 1 world.

Background on Bustamante’s Career

Bianca Bustamante, McLaren’s rising star, has recently taken the F1 world by storm. 

Her inclusion in the team’s prestigious Driver Development program in October marked a significant milestone. 

As the first female driver signed for the 2024 F1 Academy season, Bustamante is breaking barriers, becoming an inspiration in the male-dominated world of motorsports.

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Previous Social Media Activity

In examining Bianca Bustamante’s previous social media activity, her online presence has drawn both admiration and criticism. 

Before the recent controversy, fans celebrated her as an inspiration for breaking barriers in motorsports

However, the incident shed light on the challenges she faces, navigating both success and scrutiny in the digital realm.


In conclusion, the recent social media controversy involving Bianca Bustamante has unveiled the complexities of navigating the Formula 1 world. 

Her swift apology and actions demonstrate a commitment to addressing unintended controversies, while the varied community responses underscore the challenges of maintaining a public image. 

As she continues her groundbreaking career, this incident serves as a reminder of the intricate dynamics within the high-stakes realm of F1.

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