Alfa Romeo F1 Duo Joins Karan Aujla’s Punjabi Vibes: Bottas and Guanyu Shine in ‘Try Me’ Music Video

Bottas and Guanyu Feature in Indian Music Video 'Try Me' Image
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Bottas and Guanyu Shine in ‘Try Me’ Music Video. In an electrifying convergence of worlds, the Alfa Romeo F1 prowess intertwines with the vibrant Punjabi melodies of India.

Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu step into the limelight of the Indian music video, “Try Me.” 

Engineered by sponsor Stake in partnership with Punjabi sensation Karan Aujla, this unconventional collaboration weaves together the revving energy of Formula 1 with the pulsating rhythms of Punjabi music. 

A spectacle where F1 icons cruise in Alfa Romeo road cars, the video injects a fresh rhythm by infusing the Barcelona track run footage.

Bottas and Guanyu Shine in ‘Try Me’ Music Video

Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu take center stage, exuding charisma in the Punjabi music video “Try Me.” 

This unexpected collaboration, orchestrated by sponsor Stake and Punjabi artist Karan Aujla, melds the thrill of Alfa Romeo F1 with the beats of Punjabi melodies.

As the duo navigates the video’s dynamic blend of F1 aesthetics and music, the Barcelona track run footage adds an exhilarating twist to this cross-genre venture.

Background of the Crossover

The collaboration’s genesis lies in the partnership between Stake and the Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 team, bridging the world of high-speed racing with Punjabi music’s vivacity.

Punjabi singer Karan Aujla, renowned for his hits, lends his talents to the music video “Try Me,” marking a dynamic fusion of F1’s flair and Punjabi music’s rhythm.

Try Me Music Video Details

The enchanting ‘Try Me’ music video showcases a synergy of talents, featuring not only the dynamic Alfa Romeo duo of Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu, but also the captivating presence of Punjabi sensation Karan Aujla and a team of skilled stunt riders. 

While Bottas, Guanyu, and Aujla bring their unique personas, the Barcelona track run footage adds an adrenaline-fueled backdrop to the video’s vibrancy.

Roles of Bottas and Guanyu in Try Me MV

Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu seamlessly embrace their roles in the captivating music video “Try Me.” 

As the Alfa Romeo F1 stars, they navigate the screen with finesse, driving Alfa Romeo road cars in style

Their on-screen synergy with Punjabi artist Karan Aujla ignites a cross-cultural spectacle, while Barcelona track run visuals elevate the video’s adrenaline-pumping aura.

Fusion of Elements

The music video “Try Me” achieves a mesmerizing fusion as the Alfa Romeo F1 universe collides with the captivating rhythms of Punjabi music. 

The synergy between the high-speed aesthetics of Formula 1 and the pulsating beats of Punjabi melodies creates an unprecedented blend of excitement. 

The video’s clever interplay of these diverse elements produces an exhilarating visual and auditory experience.

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Impact and Relevance

The collaboration’s impact resonates among avid fans of Formula 1 and Punjabi music alike. 

The Alfa Romeo F1 duo’s presence in the vibrant “Try Me” music video introduces their prowess to new audiences, transcending geographical boundaries

This cross-genre endeavor not only engages F1 enthusiasts but also diversifies Punjabi music’s reach, reflecting its relevance in today’s cultural landscape.


In a remarkable fusion of speed and melody, the collaboration between Alfa Romeo F1 stars Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu, alongside Punjabi artist Karan Aujla, in the music video “Try Me” stands as a testament to the power of cross-genre creativity

The dynamic synergy between the realms of Formula 1 and Punjabi music has yielded a breathtaking spectacle that resonates with audiences worldwide. 

As these diverse worlds intertwine, the video exemplifies the boundless potential of artistic collaboration, captivating fans with its vibrant blend of elements and forging a connection between cultures that transcends geographical boundaries.

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