Canadian GP Extended FP 2 Session! Red Flag Conditions Due to the Rise of CCTV Issues

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Canadian GP extended FP 2 session! Red flag conditions due to the rise of CCTV issues . Expect the unexpected! Canadian GP surely seems to have a liking for this statement as to everyone’s surprise its latestly held Free Practice Session 2 was simply a chaos all thanks to some malfunction in its Security Cameras that happened in the FP 1 session. When local security camera issues took their breath it resulted in the waving of red flags much to everyone’s disappointment. Read on to find out the events that followed CCTV issues at the Canadian GP first practice session.

Overview of CCTV Issues

After Alpine’s Pierre Gasly triggered a red flag due to a driveshaft issue, Mercedes had sent drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell to the pit lane entrance in anticipation of green flags being waved soon. However, the FIA announced that local security cameras around the circuit were not synced properly and that running could not resume until the issue was fixed due to safety reasons. This meant Valtteri Bottas finished with the fastest lap of the first practice session, which had lasted under 10 minutes. Despite this, Formula 1 chiefs have extended second practice for the Canadian Grand Prix in order to make up for lost time.

FIA’s Response to the Situation

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The FIA responded quickly and decisively to the issues with the local security cameras by extending the second practice session of the Canadian Grand Prix by 30 minutes, making up for lost time in the first practice session. This allowed teams enough time to prepare their cars and drivers for a more complete assessment of conditions on the track, given that they were unable to finish out the first session. The stewards also made sure to ensure that teams returned their tyres no later than 2 hours after the extended practice session, as per article 30.5 of the Formula One Sporting Regulations. This shows the FIA’s commitment to ensuring a fair and safe race for all participants in this year’s Canadian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton Fastest in Mercedes at Canadian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton put all his years of experience to good use at the latest Canadian Grand Prix, as he took advantage of an extended Free Practice 2 session and became the fastest man on track. After a troubled first practice day due to CCTV issues, the Briton was determined to make it count and quickly set about putting together a lap time that would put him in pole position for the race. His stellar work in FP2 meant that he finished ahead of his teammates, Valtteri Bottas and George Russell with a time of 1:11.206 – setting him up perfectly to follow the closely fought battle through Saturday’s qualifying session and Sunday’s 70 lap race. Hamilton can now look forward to making history as he seeks to become the joint most successful driver at the track by claiming victory for an eighth time.


In conclusion, it is clear that the Canadian Grand Prix faced a major setback when their CCTV system failed shortly after the first practice session began. This required an extended second practice session to make up for lost time. Ultimately, Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas proved fastest in FP1 before it was brought to an early close due to the CCTV failure.

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