Ferrari Driver Carlos Sainz Alleged to Spend his Summer Break with Rumored Model Girlfriend

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Carlos Sainz Alleged to Spend his Summer Break with Rumored Model Girlfriend. Following his recent breakup with Isabel Hernaez, Sainz was spotted in Milan alongside Rebecca Donaldson a month ago.

The alleged new girlfriend is a renowned model based in Scotland. While some speculate on the nature of their relationship, others recall the rumored cheating scandal that led to Sainz’s previous split.

As the chatter intensifies, both Sainz and Donaldson have yet to confirm or deny the alleged romance, leaving fans eager for more updates on the developing situation.

Carlos Sainz Alleged to Spend his Summer Break with Rumored Model Girlfriend

As the Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz takes a well-deserved break, rumors abound that he is not alone during his vacation in his summer break for F1 racers.

Photos of Rebecca have surfaced, shared by some of followers on social media, and they have fueled speculations about her possible relationship with the Ferrari driver.

Observant fans noted that the pictures Rebecca posted on a yacht appear to be very close to the one Carlos vacationed on last summer.

Adding to the intrigue, one of Sainz’s friends recently shared on their social media stories that they were on the high seas today.

With these hints, followers are left wondering if Rebecca is indeed Carlos Sainz’s rumored model girlfriend for the summer.

Carlos Sainz’s Breakup with Isabel Hernaez

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Source: La Vanguardia 3

The Spaniard made headlines with his breakup from Isabel Hernaez during the recently happened Spanish GP 2023.

The couple’s long and discreet relationship of 7 years came to an end amid reports of a cheating scandal involving another model, Mia Brown.

Sainz confirmed the split during the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix, hinting at the reasons behind the decision.

As fans try to process the news, the focus shifts to Sainz’s alleged new romance with Scottish model Rebecca Donaldson, sparking further speculation on his love life.

Introduction to Rebecca Donaldson

Meet Rebecca Donaldson, a renowned model based in Scotland. Managed by M+P models, she has left her mark on the fashion industry in London, Amsterdam, and Paris.

Introduction to Rebecca Donaldson Image
Source: The US Sun

Best known for her work as an athleisure model, Rebbecca Donaldson is sponsored by Muse Activewear.

Donaldson’s dating links have also gained attention, including rumors linking her to American media personality Scott Disick.

Now, she finds herself in the spotlight once again as fans speculate about her alleged romance with Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz.

The Beginning of Alleged Relationship with Carlos Sainz

The rumor mill has been abuzz as Carlos Sainz, the Ferrari driver, was spotted with Rebecca Donaldson, a renowned model from Scotland almost a month ago.

The video of their stroll in Milan has ignited speculation about their alleged relationship, coming just weeks after Sainz’s breakup with Isabel Hernaez.

While fans are curious about this potential new romance, both parties have yet to confirm or deny the speculations, leaving the F1 world eager for more updates.

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Twitter Reactions and Fans’ Opinions

Most of the social platforms including Twitter are abuzz with mixed emotions as Carlos Sainz’s alleged new romance with Rebecca Donaldson unfolds.

Fans express opinions on the speculated relationship, with some accusing Sainz of infidelity after his recent breakup with Isabel Hernaez.

Comparisons to other F1 drivers’ relationships surface, with users noting their perceived inability to stay single. Amidst the chatter, followers eagerly await official confirmation from the involved parties.

Ferrari’s Performance and Sainz’s Standings

In the 2023 F1 season, Ferrari has faced a rollercoaster kind of emotions in terms of performance.

Amidst this, Carlos Sainz, the Ferrari driver, has retired from Spa-Francorchamps in the Belgian Grand Prix 2023 due to his car’s damage in the race’s first and foremost corner, disappointing the driver.

Despite the team’s struggles, Sainz’s standings demonstrate his competitive spirit, as he strives to excel both on and off the track during the ongoing summer break.


As the F1 world awaits official confirmation regarding Carlos Sainz’s alleged new romance with Rebecca Donaldson, the aftermath of his breakup with Isabel Hernaez continues to spark curiosity and speculation.

The driver’s personal life has become a subject of intense Twitter and Instagram reactions and fans’ opinions, with some expressing concern over alleged infidelity and others noting the perceived trend of F1 drivers avoiding being single.

As the summer break progresses, Sainz’s focus on his racing career remains evident, with his strong standings in the midst of Ferrari’s challenging season. The love life of F1 stars continues to captivate enthusiasts, and time will tell how this new chapter unfolds for Carlos Sainz.

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