Carlos Sainz Foils Robbery Attempt and Recovers $500k Watch in Milan After Italian GP Podium Finish

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Carlos Sainz Foils Robbery Attempt & Recovers $500k Watch in Milan. In a post-Italian Grand Prix twist, Carlos Sainz, the Ferrari F1 driver, found himself entangled in a real-life drama. 

Just hours after his triumphant podium finish at Monza, Sainz faced an audacious robbery attempt outside a Milan hotel. 

What makes this story truly captivating is not just the attempted theft of his $500,000 watch, but the high-speed chase that ensued, with Sainz and a group of bystanders successfully foiling the robbery and apprehending the culprits. 

This unexpected turn of events sheds light on the challenges faced by public figures and the resilience displayed by Sainz in the face of adversity.

Carlos Sainz Foils Robbery Attempt & Recovers $500k Watch in Milan 

Italian GP’s podium finishers, Sainz, became the protagonist of a dramatic episode in Milan

In a shocking robbery attempt, Sainz’s $500,000 watch was targeted near a Milan hotel. 

However, what sets this story apart is the swift action that unfolded. Sainz, along with vigilant bystanders, managed to foil the robbery attempt and recover his precious timepiece, showcasing his resilience in the face of adversity.

The Robbery Attempt

In the heart of Milan, just hours after his spectacular performance at the Italian Grand Prix 2023, Carlos Sainz found himself in the midst of a startling robbery attempt. 

Outside the Armani Hotel, the culprits, undeterred by the international sports star’s presence, forcibly took Sainz’s $500k watch, setting the stage for a high-stakes drama that would unfold on the bustling streets of Milan.

High-Speed Chase

With remarkable swiftness and determination, Sainz sprang into action as the scene unfolded outside the Armani Hotel in Milan. 

Joined by vigilant passersby who recognized the F1 star, Sainz embarked on a high-speed chase after the culprits who had stolen his watch. 

This impromptu pursuit turned the Milan streets into an unexpected stage for heroism and showcased the power of collective action.

The Resolution

The dramatic turn of events reached a resolution as the Milan police swiftly apprehended the two robbers, thanks to the collective effort of Carlos Sainz and the quick-thinking bystanders. 

With the culprits in custody, Sainz and his helpers could finally catch their breath. 

This unexpected incident after the Italian Grand Prix concluded with the safe recovery of Sainz’s $500,000 watch and a profound display of teamwork and resilience.

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Context of Robberies in Italy

Italy has witnessed a concerning trend of robberies targeting high-profile individuals, including F1 drivers

Carlos Sainz joins a list that includes his fellow racer Charles Leclerc and others who have fallen victim to such incidents. 

This growing issue underscores the need for heightened security measures in the country, as public figures continue to face the risk of theft, even in the midst of celebratory events like the Italian Grand Prix.


In a dramatic twist following the Italian GP 2023, Carlos Sainz’s encounter with an attempted robbery in Milan paints a vivid picture of the challenges faced by public figures. 

His resilient response, aided by vigilant bystanders, resulted in the thwarting of the theft and the recovery of his prized $500,000 watch. 

This unexpected turn of events, along with recent incidents involving fellow F1 drivers, sheds light on the need for enhanced security measures in Italy. 

Sainz’s triumphant podium finish at Monza was followed by an equally noteworthy display of courage in the face of adversity, highlighting the remarkable spirit of the racing world.

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