Challenging Day for Mercedes as Hamilton Struggles with Drastic Car Changes

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Challenging Day for Mercedes as Hamilton Struggles with Drastic Car Changes. In the world of Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton faced a challenge on a day that left the Mercedes team scratching their heads. 

This challenging day in Mexico City brought unexpected car changes for Hamilton and his teammate, George Russell

As they navigated the twists and turns of the circuit, Hamilton discovered that his beloved Mercedes AMG F1 car felt “completely different” compared to the previous week in Austin

Their determination to understand and improve the car’s performance, amidst mixed weather conditions and traffic, sets the stage for a gripping race weekend in the Mexican Grand Prix.

Challenging Day for Mercedes as Hamilton Struggles with Drastic Car Changes

On a challenging day at the 2023 Mexican Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton found himself grappling with drastic car changes that left the Mercedes team perplexed. 

His 7th-place finish in the 2nd practice session, despite setting the fastest final sector, revealed a car that felt “completely different” from the previous week in Austin

As Hamilton strives to understand these shifts and make necessary improvements, his teammate, George Russell, also faced difficulties due to mixed weather conditions and a tight field of competitors. 

This unforeseen setback sets the stage for a determined Mercedes team to overcome obstacles and find their stride in the upcoming race.

Lewis Hamilton’s Performance

In the realm of Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton faced a pivotal moment during Friday’s practice at the Mexico City Grand Prix. 

Plagued by unexpected changes to his Mercedes car, he ended the session in 7th place, just over 0.3 seconds behind leader Max Verstappen

A paradox emerged as Hamilton excelled in the final sector but faltered in the 1st two-thirds of the lap.

This anomaly led to a challenging day for the 7-time world champion, forcing him to grapple with a car that felt “completely different” from the week prior in Austin. 

Amidst these uncertainties, Hamilton’s determination to decipher and optimize his car’s performance shone through, reflecting his unwavering commitment to success.

Mercedes’ Expectations

Prior to the Mexico Grand Prix, Mercedes had high expectations following a near-victory in Austin. 

However, their optimism was met with a challenging day as Lewis Hamilton’s car underwent drastic changes. 

This shift left the team perplexed, as they grappled with unexpected challenges during Friday practice

Despite their disappointment, the Mercedes squad remains determined to understand and improve their car’s performance, seeking to achieve the success they anticipated.

Hamilton’s Assessment

Lewis Hamilton’s assessment of his Mercedes car’s performance in Mexico City was candid. 

He described the day as “challenging,” expressing that his car felt “completely different” from the prior week in Austin. 

His focus remained on understanding the reason behind these changes and experimenting with different setups. 

Despite the challenges faced, Hamilton displayed unwavering confidence in the team’s ability to extract the car’s full potential.

Teammate George Russell

In the world of Formula 1, George Russell, Lewis Hamilton’s teammate, faced his own set of challenges during the practice sessions in Mexico City. 

Missing out on the 1st practice session due to rookie driver Frederik Vesti taking the wheel, Russell returned to the track for the 2nd session and secured the 10th spot

His day was marked by mixed weather conditions and a crowded grid, adding to the already competitive field. 

George Russell acknowledged the need for improvements, aiming for a faster race car setup, and highlighted the importance of learning from the challenges faced during practice sessions.

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Team’s Assessment

The team’s assessment of their performance at the Mexican Grand Prix revealed shared sentiments of uncertainty and determination. 

Both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell agreed that the Mercedes car felt drastically different, leading to a challenging day. 

However, they acknowledged the untapped potential within the vehicle

With mixed weather conditions and a tight field to contend with, the team recognized the need to make overnight improvements for a better showing in the race. 

These challenges offer valuable learning experiences, reinforcing the essence of practice in F1.


In conclusion, the Mexico Grand Prix unveiled a day of challenges for the Mercedes team, as they grappled with drastic car changes that left both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell facing unexpected hurdles. 

Despite the difficulties, their determination to understand and optimize the car’s performance was palpable. 

Mercedes’ expectations of success after coming close in Austin were met with an entirely different reality, highlighting the unpredictable nature of Formula 1. 

This shared assessment of their performance demonstrates the team’s commitment to learning and improving, setting the stage for a compelling and unpredictable race weekend in Mexico City.

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