Charles Leclerc Accepts Red Bull’s Advantage in 2024 Development: “Part of the Game”

Charles Leclerc says it is part of the game about Red Bull's Advantage in 2024 Image
Source: Eurosport

Charles Leclerc accepts Red Bull’s advantage in 2024 development. In the world of Formula 1, Charles Leclerc, the talented driver from Ferrari, acknowledges the advantage that Red Bull has gained in the development of their 2024 car. With an unprecedented 9 consecutive victories this season, Red Bull has surged ahead in both the Constructors’ Championship and the Drivers’ standings.

Leclerc’s Perspective on Red Bull’s Advantage

Charles Leclerc holds a pragmatic perspective on Red Bull’s advantage in the development of their 2024 car. He acknowledges that it is an inherent part of the game in Formula 1 when a team gains an edge in one season, allowing them to allocate time and resources towards the following year’s car. Leclerc emphasizes Ferrari’s focus on addressing weaknesses in their current car before transitioning to 2024 development, confident in their clear plan for improvement.

Red Bull’s Dominance in the Current Season

Red Bull in the current season of Formula 1 is leading every team and it has been nothing short of remarkable. With an impeccable record of 9 wins from 9 races, they have left their rivals in the dust. Their commanding performance has propelled them to a significant lead of nearly 200 points in the Constructors’ Championship. Max Verstappen, the Red Bull driver, has also established himself as the frontrunner in the Drivers’ standings, with a comfortable lead of 98 points over the nearest non-Red Bull competitor, Fernando Alonso. Red Bull’s relentless success on the track has solidified their status as the team to beat this season.

Red Bull’s Ability to Shift Focus to 2024 Development

Given Red Bull’s dominant performance in the current Formula 1 season, they are in a favorable position to shift their focus towards the development of their 2024 car. With their lead in the Constructors’ Championship and Max Verstappen’s substantial advantage in the Drivers’ standings, Red Bull has the luxury of allocating resources and attention to next year’s edition. This advantage allows them to maximize their potential and gain an edge over their competitors in the upcoming season.

Ferrari’s Approach and Confidence

Ferrari takes a strategic approach in response to Red Bull’s dominance, prioritizing the improvement of their current car before shifting focus to the 2024 development. Charles Leclerc expresses confidence in Ferrari’s clear plan to address weaknesses, citing progress made in recent races. Their goal is not only to surpass Mercedes and Aston Martin but also to close the gap and compete with Red Bull as swiftly as possible.

Hamilton’s Neutral Stance

Lewis Hamilton maintains a neutral stance when it comes to Red Bull’s advantage in 2024 development. He echoes Charles Leclerc’s view that it wouldn’t be helpful for teams to stop working on the current car and solely focus on next year’s car. Hamilton emphasizes the importance of utilizing the available time to track, fixing problems, and expressing confidence that progress will be made, albeit uncertain of the timeframe required.


Charles Leclerc’s acceptance of Red Bull’s advantage in 2024 car development as “part of the game” reflects the competitive nature of Formula 1. While Red Bull’s dominance in the current season allows them to shift focus to next year’s car, Ferrari remains committed to addressing weaknesses in their current car before transitioning. With a clear plan and ongoing progress, Ferrari aims to close the gap to Red Bull and compete at the highest level.

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