BREAKING: Charles Leclerc Shocks F1 World with €185 Million Ferrari Contract Extension

Charles Leclerc Commits to Ferrari in Record-Breaking €185 Million Deal Image
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Charles Leclerc Shocks F1 World with €185 Million Ferrari Contract Extension. The Monegasque driver, who joined the Italian team in 2019, has impressed with his stellar performances.

Leclerc impressed everyone by defeating a 4-time world champion as he showcased his immense talent. 

While rumors of a potential departure circulated due to Ferrari’s underperformance, this record-breaking deal solidified Leclerc’s commitment to the iconic red team.

As the F1 community awaits official confirmation, the anticipation for Leclerc’s future journey with Ferrari continues to grow.

Charles Leclerc Shocks F1 World with €185 Million Ferrari Contract Extension

Leclerc has left the F1 world stunned with his latest move – a jaw-dropping €185 million Ferrari contract extension.

The Monegasque driver’s impressive performance since joining the team in 2019 has garnered widespread acclaim.

Despite speculations of his departure amid Ferrari’s recent struggles, Leclerc’s reported 5-year deal with no exit clauses for the first 2 years reaffirms his dedication.

The contract includes exit clauses based on performance in the 2027, 2028, and 2029 seasons.

Charles Leclerc’s Impressive Journey with Ferrari

Monaco’s sensation’s stellar performances have garnered widespread acclaim, especially when he defeated a 4-time world champion and then-teammate Sebastian Vettel.

Leclerc’s talents and dedication were recognized with the longest contract ever given to a Ferrari driver, securing his tenure with the iconic red team until the end of the 2024 season.

His impact on the grid has been undeniable, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his continued success with the Prancing Horses.

Reports of Leclerc Leaving Ferrari

Amidst Ferrari’s underperformance over the past years, there were claims of Charles Leclerc potentially leaving the iconic team after his current contract expires.

Speculations regarding his departure sparked discussions across the F1 world.

However, recent reports suggest a different outcome, with Leclerc reportedly negotiating another 5-year contract with the team, demonstrating his commitment to the Prancing Horses.

The Reported €185 Million Contract Details

According to a report from the French publication Sportune, Charles Leclerc has agreed to a deal that has set the F1 world abuzz.

The report says that it is a whopping €185 million contract that has sent shockwaves through the F1 world entails Charles Leclerc’s negotiation of a five-year extension with Ferrari.

The deal follows a unique 2+3 formula with no exit clauses for the initial 2 years, solidifying Leclerc’s commitment to Ferrari.

However, exit clauses based on performance and results are included for the 2027, 2028, and 2029 seasons.

If Leclerc fulfills the contract, he could potentially earn a staggering €50 million in 2029, even without winning a world championship with Ferrari.

Leclerc’s Comments on Contract Talks

During the Austrian GP weekend, Charles Leclerc shared his thoughts on the ongoing contract talks with Ferrari.

The Monegasque driver expressed that discussions were still in the early stages and that he was not overly focused on it at the moment.

Leclerc’s love for Ferrari was evident as he conveyed his happiness with the team.

This unique situation in his career marked the first time he was closer to a deal in Formula 1, making his journey with the Prancing Horses all the more intriguing for fans and the F1 community.

The Fascinating Future for Charles Leclerc

The future holds immense fascination for Charles Leclerc as he navigates his journey in F1 with Ferrari.

The reported €185 million contract extension further piques curiosity about what lies ahead for the talented Monegasque driver.

Amidst speculations and discussions in the F1 community, Leclerc’s dream of winning a championship with Ferrari remains at the forefront.

With potential interest from other teams, his choice will undoubtedly shape the landscape of the sport, leaving fans eager to witness the next chapters of his captivating career.

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Negotiations and Talks with Other Teams

Charles Leclerc’s contract negotiations have sparked interest from other teams within the F1 paddock.

Sportune reports that the driver’s manager, Nicolas Todt, has been engaging in talks with several teams, including Mercedes, Aston Martin, Alpine, and Red Bull.

While Leclerc’s commitment to Ferrari appears strong, the discussions have captured attention, especially with the possibility of a move to Mercedes seen as the most realistic option.


Charles Leclerc’s journey in Formula 1 has been nothing short of remarkable.

From his impressive performances at Ferrari for 5 years back to his latest reported €185 million contract extension, Leclerc’s dedication and talent have captivated the F1 world. 

While rumors of his potential departure swirled, his commitment to the iconic red team seems unwavering.

As fans eagerly await official confirmations and witness his fascinating future unfold, one thing remains certain: Charles Leclerc’s impact on the sport will continue to be a source of excitement and intrigue for years to come.

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