Leclerc’s Frustration Mounts: Calls Ferrari ‘Undriveable’ After Spanish Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc Says his Ferrari Car Undriveable

Leclerc’s frustration mounts: Calls Ferrari ‘Undriveable’ after Spanish Grand Prix. We repeated yes to give you the intensity of the title. The Spanish Grand Prix, which took place last week, brought joy to many but left two of the favorite Formula One racers hugely disappointed. Monaco’s prince charming and one of F1’s hottest racers, Charles Leclerc, was fuming after a highly upsetting performance at the Spanish Grand Prix. Additionally, he criticized his Ferrari car as being “undriveable.”

Charles Leclerc Struggles at Spanish Grand Prix

The Monegasque driver, Charles Leclerc, faced a challenging situation during qualifying, which resulted in an unexpected P11th place finish in the race. The exact cause of the issues he encountered remains a mystery, prompting Ferrari to initiate investigations. Additionally, both drivers expressed concerns about the car’s performance varying depending on the type of tires used, prompting further investigation by the team. Leclerc openly stated that his car was “struggling like crazy” this season, highlighting the difficulties he experienced with its performance.

Leclerc Finishes Race in 7th, Sainz Slips from 3rd to 5th Place

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz at Spanish Grand Prix Image

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz had a rather bizarre performance that left Ferrari fans upset at the recently held Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday. While Leclerc finished 7th after starting on the front row, his fellow teammate Sainz also failed to make it onto the podium, slipping from 3rd to 5th by the race’s end. Ferrari, and only time will tell if the manufacturer can regain its position at the top.

Ferrari CEO Vigna’s View

The Ferrari CEO, Benedetto Vigna, shared his perspective on the team’s performance throughout the season and expressed optimism about their growth. He emphasized that they have a valuable opportunity to learn from their mistakes and strive for improvement. Additionally, Vigna highlighted the significance of Formula One (F1) and the World Endurance Championship (WEC) as valuable assets for Ferrari.

Vasseur’s Remarks on Team’s Poor Performance

Vasseur, Ferrari’s Team Principal, appeared somewhat unsettled and surprised by his drivers’ disappointing performance at the Spanish Grand Prix. He commented on their distinct and unconventional driving styles. Vasseur noted that Leclerc demonstrated better performance on the hard tyre, while Sainz seemed to fare better on the medium tyre. Furthermore, Vasseur pointed out the inconsistency from one lap to another in this season.

Ferrari’s Position in Constructors’ Championship

Constructors Championship Image

Ferrari currently finds themselves in a struggle within the Constructors’ Championship, having slipped to 4th place. They trail behind Red Bull in the lead, followed by Aston Martin and Mercedes. The Maranello-based team has faced challenges in making significant progress this season, and Charles Leclerc has commented “so incredibly difficult to be on the limit”.

Nevertheless, in order to make it onto the list of top three finishers in the Constructors’ Championship and stand on the podium, Ferrari must delve deeply into the technical aspects of its cars.


To wrap it up, Leclerc and Sainz showed clear dissatisfaction during the Spanish Grand Prix, openly expressing their frustration with the poor performance and handling of their cars. Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna has emphasized the company’s commitment to Formula 1, highlighting the potential transfer of technologies from the track to the road. However, only time will reveal if these efforts will be sufficient to salvage Ferrari’s season.

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