Christian Horner Praises Verstappen as the Best Driver in Formula 1

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Christian Horner Praises Verstappen as the Best Driver in Formula 1. In the world of Formula 1, Red Bull Racing is making headlines as they clinch their 15th victory this season, with Max Verstappen at the helm of their triumphs. 

Team Principal Christian Horner has showered praise on Verstappen, boldly proclaiming him as the best driver in Formula 1. 

This resounding endorsement comes in light of Verstappen’s dominant performance at the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix, where he secured his 13th win of the season and propelled Red Bull to their 6th Constructors’ Championship

In this high-octane world of racing, Verstappen’s talent and the harmony within the team have proven to be the winning formula.

Christian Horner Praises Verstappen as the Best Driver in Formula 1

In the dynamic realm of F1, Christian Horner, the Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, has unequivocally bestowed upon Max Verstappen the title of the best driver in Formula 1. 

This declaration follows Verstappen’s remarkable display at the Japanese GP, where he notched his 13th win this season, driving Red Bull towards their 6th Constructors’ Championship. 

It’s a testament to the harmonious collaboration between driver and team that has propelled them to the forefront of the racing world.

Verstappen’s Dominance

Max Verstappen continues to redefine dominance in Formula 1, solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with. 

The Dutchman’s stellar performance at the Suzuka Circuit, securing his 13th win this season, underscores his unparalleled prowess. 

Red Bull’s relentless success, with 6 Constructors’ Championships, is a testament to Verstappen’s exceptional talent and the seamless synergy between driver and team.

Christian Horner’s Perspective

The astute Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner, offers a unique perspective on Max Verstappen. 

In Horner’s eyes, Verstappen stands as the pinnacle of Formula 1 prowess. 

This viewpoint isn’t merely a whimsical proclamation; it’s rooted in Verstappen’s commanding performance at the Japanese Grand Prix 2023, where he clinched his 13th victory this season.

For Horner, it’s the culmination of a harmonious team effort that sets Verstappen apart.

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Horner’s Commendation of Sergio Perez

Despite challenges faced by Sergio Perez at the Japanese Grand Prix, Team Principal Christian Horner commends his resilience. 

Perez, currently holding 2nd place in the World Championship, has faced adversity but persevered. 

Horner emphasizes that without the dominance of Max Verstappen, Perez would have secured additional victories this season.


In conclusion, the Formula 1 landscape, as witnessed through the lens of Team Principal Christian Horner, showcases the remarkable talent of Max Verstappen. 

Horner’s resounding praise for Verstappen as the best driver in Formula 1 echoes the sentiment of a successful season for Red Bull Racing. 

Verstappen’s dominance, exemplified by his 13th win at the Japanese Grand Prix, is a testament to the harmonious synergy within the team. 

Additionally, Horner’s commendation of Sergio Perez, despite his challenges, underscores the team’s unwavering support for its drivers. 

In this high-speed world of racing, the Verstappen-Horner partnership continues to steer Red Bull Racing towards victory.

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