Daniel Ricciardo Calls Lando Norris a Phenomenal Talent and compares him to Max Verstappen

Daniel Ricciardo Praises Lando Norris and Compares him with Max Verstappen Image
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Daniel Ricciardo calls Lando Norris a Phenomenal Talent and compares him to Max Verstappen. Ricciardo’s belief in Norris’ potential as a future world champion stems from the young British driver’s ability to extract the maximum performance from his car, surpassing even Ricciardo himself during their time as McLaren teammates. As Norris continues to impress on the grid, the question remains: when will he have the opportunity to showcase his skills in a winning car?

Daniel Ricciardo Compares Lando Norris with Max Verstappen

Drawing a comparison between Norris and Verstappen is no easy task, as both drivers have demonstrated exceptional skills on the Formula 1 grid. While Norris has delivered impressive qualifying laps, similar to Verstappen, it is challenging to make a direct like-for-like comparison. Nevertheless, there have been instances where Norris has displayed remarkable talent, showcasing his potential to rival Verstappen’s dominance. Perhaps, that is the reason why Daniel Ricciardo believes that his friend Norris could be an equivalent to Verstappen.

Norris’ Performance and Potential

Lando Norris has consistently showcased remarkable performances on the Formula 1 grid, leaving a lasting impression with his extraordinary talent. His recent second-place finish at the British Grand Prix further solidified the hype surrounding him. Norris’s ability to extract the maximum potential from his car, surpassing his teammate former Daniel Ricciardo, highlights his exceptional skill. As one of the hottest prospects in F1, Norris’s potential to become a future world champion is undeniable, given the opportunity to drive a winning car that matches his abilities.

Future Prospects for Norris

The future prospects for Lando Norris in Formula 1 are filled with anticipation. With ongoing rumors of a potential move to Red Bull and signing of a pre-contract with Ferrari, Norris could find himself competing against some good rivals, including Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton. The AlphaTuari’s new driver, Daniel Ricciardo, believes Norris has the talent to thrive in a top team and pose a challenge to Verstappen. However, the key factor remains securing a winning car that can truly unleash Norris’ full potential and solidify his place among the sport’s elite drivers.


In conclusion, Daniel Ricciardo’s glowing praise for Lando Norris as a “phenomenal talent” and his comparisons to Max Verstappen highlight the immense potential of the young British driver. Norris’s ability to extract maximum performance from his car and his impressive performances on the grid indicate his capability to become a future world champion. However, the ultimate factor that will determine his success is the opportunity to drive a winning car that matches his undeniable skill. As fans eagerly await Norris’s first win and his further growth and maturity, it is clear that he possesses all the necessary abilities to leave an indelible mark on Formula 1.

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