Daniel Ricciardo Rumored to Make F1 Comeback with AlphaTauri in 2024

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Daniel Ricciardo rumored to make F1 comeback with AlphaTauri in 2024. Speculations are rife within the Formula 1 community as whispers circulate about a potential comeback for Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo. Following his departure from McLaren, rumors suggest that the seasoned racer is eyeing a seat with AlphaTauri for the 2024 F1 season. Lawrence Barretto’s recent revelations have only fueled the gossip further, leaving fans eagerly awaiting confirmation of this intriguing development.

F1 Gossip Mill: Ricciardo Considering AlphaTauri

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Lawrence Barretto has recently remarked that Daniel Ricciardo is eyeing to join Alpha Tauri for 2024 season and be back on the racing tracks. Daniel Ricciardo’s connection with AlphaTauri runs deep, as it was with this team that he first made his mark in Formula 1. His time at AlphaTauri allowed him to showcase his talent and earn recognition from larger teams. Despite moving on to other teams, Ricciardo maintains a special bond with AlphaTauri, cherishing the memories and experiences that shaped his career. The AlphaTauri connection serves as a reminder of Ricciardo’s journey and the foundations that propelled him to success.

Ricciardo’s Time with McLaren and Departure

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Daniel Ricciardo’s time with McLaren was filled with both highs and lows. While his victory at the 2021 Italian Grand Prix brought much-needed success to the team, overall, his stint was disappointing. The Australian driver found himself overshadowed by his younger teammate, Lando Norris, in the drivers’ standings for 2 consecutive seasons. As a result, Ricciardo decided to part ways with McLaren and took a year off from Formula 1, fueling rumors and speculation about his future in the sport.

Ricciardo’s Year Away and Return to Red Bull

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After taking a year off from Formula 1, Daniel Ricciardo made a surprising comeback by returning to Red Bull racing as a simulator. His sabbatical allowed him to reflect, recharge, and refocus on his racing career. Ricciardo’s decision to reunite with his former team sparked excitement among fans and raised expectations for a potential resurgence. With renewed determination and the support of Red Bull, Ricciardo aimed to reclaim his status as a competitive force in the sport being its 3rd driver.

Obstacles for AlphaTauri and Daniel Ricciardo

There are increasing indications that a race seat at AlphaTauri next season could be a genuine option for Daniel Ricciardo. While it may seem like a step back considering the team’s current last position at the Constructors’ Championship and their relatively slower car, there is a chance for AlphaTauri to improve next year in 2024 by utilizing parts from sister team Red Bull.

If Daniel really comes back with Alpha Tauri then would face tough competition from drivers like Yuki Tsunoda, Nyck de Vries, Liam Lawson, or Ayumu Iwasa. Other options for Ricciardo in 2024 could be limited to teams like Williams and Haas, which are currently at the back of the grid and may not provide a clear path back to a top-tier team.


Ultimately, Ricciardo’s performance in the upcoming Pirelli tyre tests after the British and Italian Grands Prix will play a significant role in determining his future prospects. If he can demonstrate his capabilities at a high level, it could convince Red Bull and himself that a return to a race seat is the right move. In the meantime, Ricciardo will continue to focus on his role with Red Bull. While a racing return for Ricciardo is not certain, it appears to be increasingly plausible with each passing day.

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