Daniel Ricciardo Takes Over Jimmy Kimmel Show to Hype Up F1 Las Vegas GP

Jimmy Kimmel Warns Ricciardo 'Don't Hit a Stripper' Ahead of Las Vegas GP Debut Image
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Daniel Ricciardo Takes Over Jimmy Kimmel Show to Hype Up F1 Las Vegas GP. Daniel Ricciardo, the charismatic F1 driver, took the American late-night scene by storm.

The Austrailian driver has graced the Jimmy Kimmel show, injecting a dose of humor and excitement to hype up the forthcoming Las Vegas GP. 

In a lively exchange, Kimmel and Ricciardo delved into the intricacies of Formula 1, discussed the sport’s burgeoning popularity in the U.S., and even navigated a humorous challenge. 

The stage is set as Ricciardo gears up to conquer the iconic Las Vegas strip circuit and captivate fans with his infectious charm.

Daniel Ricciardo Takes Over Jimmy Kimmel Show to Hype Up F1 Las Vegas GP

The undisputed ‘Honey Badger’ of F1, Daniel Ricciardo, recently seized the spotlight on the Jimmy Kimmel show, turning the late-night stage into a vibrant platform ahead of Las Vegas Grand Prix. 

In a captivating exchange, Ricciardo and Kimmel showcased the unique blend of adrenaline and humor that characterizes both F1 and the bustling city of Las Vegas

Ricciardo’s Late-Night Show History

Daniel Ricciardo, known as the ‘Honey Badger’ in the world of F1, boasts a rich history on American late-night shows. 

Prior to his recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show to hype up the Las Vegas GP, Ricciardo had already charmed audiences on The Daily Show and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. 

His recurring presence on these platforms underlines his strategic approach to engage the American audience and elevate F1’s profile in the U.S.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Excitement

Jimmy Kimmel radiated enthusiasm on his show as he welcomed F1 star Daniel Ricciardo. 

Expressing genuine excitement for the upcoming race at Las Vegas, Kimmel’s surprise at F1’s impact on the city resonated. 

His spirited curiosity, evident in the interaction, further fueled the anticipation for the monumental race on the Las Vegas strip.

Discussion on F1’s Growing Popularity in the U.S.

Daniel Ricciardo engaged in a lively discussion with Jimmy Kimmel about the surging popularity of F1 in the U.S. 

They delved into the sport’s mainstream status, attributing it to the influential Netflix series, Drive To Survive

This conversation not only highlighted Ricciardo’s role but also fueled excitement for the upcoming Las Vegas GP, a pivotal moment in F1’s American conquest.

Physical Attributes of an F1 Driver

Daniel Ricciardo and Jimmy Kimmel engaged in a humorous discussion on the distinct physical attributes of an F1 driver. 

Ricciardo, the ‘Honey Badger,’ humorously pointed out the importance of reflexes and strong necks

The conversation not only showcased the athleticism of F1 drivers but also added a touch of lightness to the discussion, enhancing the anticipation for the upcoming Las Vegas GP.

Kimmel’s Reaction Drill Challenge

Jimmy Kimmel threw a delightful curveball during the show, challenging Daniel Ricciardo with a reaction drill

The hand-eye coordination exercise, a staple for F1 drivers, added a playful element to the conversation. 

Kimmel’s attempt with tennis balls showcased his humor and willingness to embrace the intricacies of an F1 driver’s world, further elevating the show’s energy in anticipation of the upcoming Las Vegas GP.

Las Vegas GP Preparations

As the countdown to the Las Vegas GP accelerates, Daniel Ricciardo strategically utilized his appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show to bolster preparations for the grand event. 

The discussion emphasized the significance of the race in attracting the U.S. audience, underscoring Ricciardo’s pivotal role in promoting and hyping up the upcoming spectacle on the iconic Las Vegas circuit.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Hilarious Warning

In a moment of comedic brilliance, Jimmy Kimmel offered a unique and humorous warning to Daniel Ricciardo as the 2023 Las Vegas GP looms. 

Advising the charismatic F1 driver, “You don’t want to hit a stripper!”, Kimmel amusingly highlighted the city’s quirks, injecting an extra layer of anticipation and laughter into the pre-race excitement.

Fans’ Expectations

Fans are gearing up for an exhilarating show as the charismatic Daniel Ricciardo prepares for the Las Vegas GP. With expectations soaring, the anticipation is palpable. 

The prospect of Ricciardo’s iconic ‘shoey’ celebration on the podium adds an extra layer of excitement, promising a memorable spectacle for fans eagerly awaiting the race on the iconic Las Vegas strip.

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EA Sports and Las Vegas Circuit

Embark on a virtual thrill ride as Daniel Ricciardo takes the wheel in the F1 23 car, courtesy of EA Sports. 

Racing enthusiasts are in for a treat as Ricciardo virtually navigated the Las Vegas Circuit, providing a sneak peek into the exhilarating world of Formula 1. 

This unique collaboration between the charismatic racer and EA Sports invites fans to experience the adrenaline of the track in the virtual realm, offering a dynamic perspective on the racing universe.


As the curtain falls on Daniel Ricciardo’s lively takeover of the Jimmy Kimmel show, the stage is set for a thrilling spectacle at the upcoming Las Vegas GP. 

Ricciardo’s infectious charisma, coupled with the humorous banter and insightful discussions, has not only hyped up the race but also elevated the profile of F1 in the U.S.

The countdown to the iconic Las Vegas strip promises not only intense competition but also a blend of humor and excitement that only Ricciardo can deliver. 

With fans eagerly awaiting the grand event, the anticipation for the race has reached new heights. 

The intersection of humor, athleticism, and the glitz of Las Vegas ensures that the forthcoming Grand Prix will be etched in the memories of fans worldwide.

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