Disappointment for Sainz as FIA Hands Down 10-Place Grid Penalty

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Disappointment for Sainz as FIA Hands Down 10-Place Grid Penalty. In a surprising turn of events at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz faces a formidable setback as the FIA imposes a substantial 10-place grid penalty

The penalty stems from a practice incident where Sainz collided with a drain cover, prompting a cascade of challenges for the Ferrari team. 

Despite their efforts to seek leniency, the stewards, citing adherence to the Sporting Regulations, stood firm, leaving Sainz in a state of disappointment and poised for a demanding “comeback race” in the vibrant city of Las Vegas.

Disappointment for Sainz as FIA Hands Down 10-Place Grid Penalty

In a twist of fate at the 2023 Las Vegas GP, Carlos Sainz grapples with profound disappointment as the FIA delivers a resolute blow—a hefty 10-place grid penalty

The incident, triggered by a collision with a loose manhole cover during practice, prompted Ferrari’s plea for leniency, a request met with unwavering adherence to the Sporting Regulations. 

Practice Incident and Ferrari’s Request

Amid the hustle of the race preparations, a pivotal moment unfolded as the Spanish driver, Carlos Sainz Jr collided his Ferrari with a manhole during the first practice session. 

This unforeseen incident prompted Ferrari to make an urgent plea to the stewards, seeking a deviation from the norm in accordance with the Sporting Regulations. 

However, their request for leniency faced an uphill battle, setting the stage for a contentious chapter in Sainz’s race weekend.

Second Practice and Confirmation of Penalty

As the Las Vegas Grand Prix unfolded, the ramifications of Carlos Sainz’s FP1 mishap reverberated during the second practice session

Ferrari’s quest for a favorable outcome hit a roadblock when the FIA confirmed the imposing 10-place grid penalty, accentuating the team’s breach of the power unit component limit defined by the Sporting Regulations. 

This development set the tone for a challenging race day ahead.

Carlos Sainz’s Reaction and Blame on Rival Teams

Sainz’s response to the 10-place grid penalty was a mix of frustration and suspicion

Expressing disappointment, he attributed the setback to a safety issue caused by the circuit

Carlos Sainz, however, didn’t shy away from suggesting that pressure from rival teams influenced the stewards’ decision, highlighting the cutthroat nature of Formula 1 politics.

Sainz’s Emotional State and Comeback Mode

The unexpected grid penalty left Carlos Sainz in a state of profound disbelief and disappointment, his emotional state reflecting the challenges ahead. 

Despite the setback, Sainz embraces a determined “comeback mode,” acknowledging the uphill battle to reclaim positions in the Las Vegas GP and emphasizing the team’s resilience amidst adversity.

FIA’s Decision and Safety Concerns

The FIA’s stringent adherence to the Sporting Regulations became evident in their decision to uphold the 10-place grid penalty for Carlos Sainz. 

Despite acknowledging the safety concerns arising from the track incident, the stewards emphasized their obligation to apply regulations as written, leaving Sainz in a state of disappointment and questioning the sport’s ability to address force majeure situations effectively.

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Impact on Ferrari’s Performance and Optimism

Despite the unexpected setback of a 10-place grid penalty for Carlos Sainz, Ferrari showcased dominance in qualifying at the Las Vegas Grand Prix. 

This setback heightened Sainz’s disappointment, yet the team’s optimism prevailed. 

Both the Ferrari’s drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz won the P1 and P2, respectively, during the qualifying.

With a front-row lockout, they aim to overcome the adversity and fiercely compete against Mercedes, setting the stage for a thrilling race.


In the pulsating narrative of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, the 10-place grid penalty handed to Carlos Sainz by the FIA, despite safety concerns and Ferrari’s plea, introduces an unforeseen twist. 

As emotions of disappointment and frustration linger, Sainz and his team remain resilient, determined to navigate the challenges of a “comeback race” and uphold their optimism amidst the dramatic turn of events. 

The stage is set for a captivating showdown, where adversity meets the indomitable spirit of Formula 1 competition.

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