Estrella Galicia 0.0 Exits from Ferrari: Negotiations with Aston Martin Underway

Estrella Galicia 0.0 Bids Adieu to Scuderia Ferrari After Three Seasons Image
Estrella Galicia 0.0 Bids Adieu to Scuderia Ferrari After Three Seasons (Image Credit –

Estrella Galicia 0.0 Exits from Ferrari. In a potential shift on the F1 sponsorship circuit, Estrella Galicia 0.0 bid farewell to its partnership with Scuderia Ferrari

Emerging reports suggest ongoing negotiations with Aston Martin, sparking anticipation in the Formula 1 community. 

This comes amidst a backdrop of uncertainty surrounding Carlos Sainz’s future with Ferrari, adding intrigue to the motorsport landscape.

Estrella Galicia 0.0 Exits from Ferrari

In a surprising twist on the F1 sponsorship scene, the longstanding partnership between Estrella Galicia 0.0 and iconic racing team Ferrari has reached its conclusion

Previous reports suggest that negotiations for a departure are underway, signaling a potential shift in sponsorship dynamics within the F1 realm. And that is what happened yesterday. 

Background on Sponsorship

The partnership saga between the Spanish brewery and the Italian racing team began in 2021, coinciding with the transition of driver Carlos Sainz from McLaren to the Maranello team. 

Having faithfully sponsored Sainz throughout his career, the brewery’s logo adorned the Ferrari, creating a distinctive visual identity. 

However, with the recent departure of the beer brand from the Tifosi team marks a significant change in the motorsport world. 

Negotiations with Aston Martin

Rumors are circulating that Estrella Galicia is currently engaged in negotiations with Aston Martin, after heralding a shift from its longstanding association with Scuderia Ferrari. 

The talks, reportedly in progress, center around a collaboration with Spanish driver Fernando Alonso, injecting anticipation into the Formula 1 community about a dynamic sponsorship reshuffle.

Possible Impact on Teams

The departure of the Spanish beer brand from Ferrari could trigger a domino effect in Formula 1 sponsorship dynamics. 

The reported negotiations with Aston Martin introduce the possibility of a conflict of interest, as it currently partners with Peroni

This speculation raises questions about a sponsor shuffle, with implications for Aston Martin..

An Emotional Farewell on Social Media

A poignant video capturing the farewell between Carlos’ team and Estrella’s team, serves as a beautiful timeline, appreciating a beautiful partnership in the racing world. 

Ferrari’s caption, 

“Three seasons of memories, and a great partnership 🤝 Grazie mille, @estrellagalicia00 🍻,” adds a sentimental touch, confirming the end of an era.

Carlos Sainz’s Contract Situation

Amidst the intricate web of sponsorship speculations, the uncertainty extends to Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz’s contractual future. 

The ongoing negotiations, marked by reported roadblocks, highlight a divergence in desires. 

While Sainz seeks a long-term contract, Ferrari seems reserved, creating a complex narrative in the Formula 1 driver’s contractual saga.

Sainz’s Deadline for Contract Clarity

With the contractual tussle between Carlos Sainz and Ferrari reaching a pivotal juncture, the driver has set a clear deadline for contract clarity. 

Expressing his desire to know his racing destination for the 2025 season before the commencement of 2024, Sainz underscores the importance of a swift resolution in the ongoing negotiations, emphasizing his priority for a multi-year commitment.

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Ferrari’s Perspective on Contract Renewal

In the intricate dance of negotiations, Ferrari remains cautiously poised in the ongoing talks with driver Carlos Sainz. 

Roadblocks arise as the team exhibits reluctance towards offering an extended contract, contrasting with Sainz’s long-term aspirations. 

The balance of desires between driver and team adds complexity to the unfolding Formula 1 contractual narrative.


As the sponsorship saga unfolds in the world of Formula 1, the departure of Estrella Galicia 0.0 from its longstanding alliance with Scuderia Ferrari introduces an air of uncertainty. 

While negotiations with Aston Martin are reportedly in progress, the official status of this sponsorship shift remains unconfirmed. 

Concurrently, the contractual intricacies involving Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz add another layer of complexity to the narrative, with his desire for a multi-year commitment contrasting with Ferrari’s cautious stance. 

The motorsport community awaits official announcements, anticipating the resolution of these intertwined tales that could reshape the Formula 1 landscape.

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