F1 and FIA Lags Behind in Gender Equality | Shocking Survey Reveals Alarming Treatment of Women in Formula 1

According to an International Survey there is Gender Inequality in F1 and FIA Image
Source: FIA

F1 and FIA lags behind in gender equality. In a shocking revelation, a recent survey has exposed the alarming treatment of women in the world of Formula 1, highlighting the significant gender inequality that persists within the sport. With dissatisfied and skeptical female fans expressing their concerns, urgent action is now being demanded to address the deep-rooted issues that have hindered the progress of women in motorsport.

Alarming Results on Gender Inequality from the ‘More than Equal’ Survey

More than Equal Survey Reveals Alarming Results of Gender Equality in F1 Image
Source: Motorsport Network

The survey, conducted by More than Equal, a charity founded by David Coulthard, has revealed that both the FIA and F1 are lagging behind in their efforts to promote gender equality. The findings have exposed a high level of dissatisfaction and skepticism among female fans, indicating that the efforts made by the FIA and F1 to address gender inequality are falling significantly short. The survey’s comparison of F1’s progress with other sports highlights the alarming fact that only American Football performs worse, emphasizing the urgent need for change and greater support for women in motorsport.

Lack of Awareness and Visibility

One of the key issues highlighted by the survey is the lack of awareness and visibility surrounding initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality in Formula 1. Despite the existence of programs such as the F1 Academy, the survey reveals that a significant portion of respondents, particularly female fans, remain unaware of their purpose and impact. This lack of communication and promotion hampers the effectiveness of these initiatives in creating opportunities and empowering young female talent.

Fans’ Expectations for Change

The survey results clearly reflect the expectations of fans when it comes to driving change in Formula 1. A significant majority of participants, particularly female fans, believe that the FIA should be at the forefront of promoting gender equality within the sport. Additionally, fans hold the F1 teams accountable for playing a crucial role in fostering an inclusive environment. These findings emphasize the importance of leadership and collective effort in addressing gender inequality and meeting the fans’ aspirations for a more equitable Formula 1.

Proposed Solutions and Recommendations

To address the gender inequality issues exposed by the survey, several proposed solutions and recommendations have been put forth. These include the following:

  • Implementation of more grassroots participation, with a focus on financially accessible karting opportunities for all.
  • Additionally, there is a call for increased data, research, and recognition of the cultural changes needed to support female participation in motorsport.
  • Support for talented young female drivers and greater collaboration among the sport’s leaders.

David Coulthard’s Call to Action

David Coulthard, founder of More than Equal, has issued a resounding call to action in response to the survey’s findings. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by female drivers, he emphasizes the need for immediate steps to be taken in order to prevent talented girls from being left behind. Coulthard views the survey as a vital source of insight that can drive positive change and urges the sport to prioritize the development and support of female drivers, ensuring a future where gender barriers no longer hinder their success in Formula 1.


In conclusion, the alarming results of the survey on gender inequality in Formula 1 have unveiled a stark reality for the sport. The dissatisfaction and skepticism among female fans, coupled with the comparison to other sports where Formula 1 lags behind, highlight the urgent need for change. Only by taking decisive steps can the sport ensure that talented female drivers are given the opportunities they deserve and that gender barriers are dismantled, paving the way for a more equal future in motorsport.

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