F1 and Golf Collide in Las Vegas for Netflix Cup – Who Will Triumph?

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F1 and Golf Collide in Las Vegas for Netflix Cup. Buckle up, sports enthusiasts! The thrill of the race meets the finesse of the fairway in the much-anticipated Netflix Cup

Imagine the roaring engines of Formula 1 blending seamlessly with the elegant swing of golf clubs, all set against the vibrant backdrop of Las Vegas

This groundbreaking event, featuring F1 stars like Lando Norris and golf aces including Rickie Fowler, promises an unmissable collision of two worlds. 

Get ready for an electrifying spectacle where speculation becomes reality and triumph awaits in every hole.

F1 and Golf Collide in Las Vegas for Netflix Cup

In the neon-lit heart of Las Vegas, an unprecedented clash unfolds as the roaring engines of F1 meet the refined strokes of golf in the eagerly awaited Netflix Cup. 

A dazzling fusion of sportsmanship, featuring F1 elites like Carlos Sainz, Pierre Gasly, Lando Norris, Alex Albon and golf maestros including Rickie Fowler, promises a riveting showdown at the Wynn Golf Club

Furthermore, Alex Albon, the Williams’ driver is seriously practicing golfing with his girlfriend, Lily Muni He who is a professional golfer at Shadow Creek Golf Course.

Besides, Carlos Sainz is also practicing for the cup but what comes as a surprise is Sainz posting the pics of him practicing golf shirtless.

The question looms: Who will emerge triumphant in this electrifying collision of high-speed adrenaline and precision on the greens?

Confirmed Pairings

The riveting pairings for the Netflix Cup have been unveiled, setting the stage for an electrifying clash between Formula 1 and golf

In the dynamic duo lineup, we have the speed and precision of McLaren’s driver, Lando Norris, who joins forces with golf sensation Rickie Fowler

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, bringing his racing prowess, teams up with the accomplished Justin Thomas

Meanwhile, Williams’ driver Alex Albon partners with Max Homa, and Alpine’s Pierre Gasly pairs with Collin Morikawa, promising a thrilling spectacle at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas. 

Get ready for an unprecedented fusion of motorsport and golfing finesse!

Brace for the dynamic fusion of speed and finesse as F1 titans join forces at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas

These confirmed duos promise a spectacle where engines roar and clubs swing in unison, setting the tone for an unforgettable clash between motorsport and golfing prowess.

Event Format and Rules

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled spectacle as the Netflix Cup unveils its innovative format and rules. 

With the dynamic eight-hole match play and unexpected challenges will engage in a scramble, each swing propelling them closer to victory. 

The playoff hole awaits the top team, ensuring a nail-biting conclusion to this fusion of motorsport and golfing finesse.

How to Watch

Don’t miss the action-packed collision of worlds at the Netflix Cup! Here’s your guide on how to watch the thrilling event unfold. 

Netflix (Live Broadcast)Tuesday, November 143:00 pm Pacific Time
Netflix (On-Demand)Available post-event

After the live broadcast, catch all the excitement on demand, exclusively on Netflix

Secure your front-row seat to witness the fusion of speed and precision in this groundbreaking sporting extravaganza!

Additional Personalities and Hosting

Elevating the Netflix Cup experience are the charismatic hosts ready to infuse humor and insight.

Join the laughter with comedian Bert Kreischer, alongside PGA Tour player Joel Dahmen, sports host Kay Adams, and NFL legend Marshawn Lynch. 

This star-studded lineup ensures an entertaining backdrop as F1 and golf icons collide in Las Vegas.

Venue and Timing

Experience the fusion of speed and elegance at the prestigious Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas, the backdrop for the groundbreaking Netflix Cup. 

Set against the glittering lights, F1 stars like Sainz, Norris, Albon, etc will ignite the course on Tuesday, November 14, at 3 pm Pacific Time. 

The anticipation builds as this unique event unfolds just days before the Las Vegas Grand Prix, promising a spectacular collision of motorsport and golfing finesse.

Teams’ Insights and Predictions

As the buzz intensifies around the Netflix Cup, F1 drivers share their insights and predictions for the dynamic pairings. 

Lando Norris anticipates a thrilling showdown with golf pro Rickie Fowler, emphasizing the exciting unpredictability of this unique event. 

With each team’s strategies under wraps, the stage is set for an electrifying fusion of motorsport and golfing prowess.

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F1 Players Practice for the Cup

Alex Albon, the Williams’ driver, is actively practicing golf with his girlfriend, Lily Muni He, a professional golfer at Shadow Creek Golf Course.

Moreover, Carlos Sainz is also gearing up for the cup. Surprisingly, Sainz posted pictures of himself practicing golf shirtless.


In conclusion, the inaugural Netflix Cup promises to be a groundbreaking collision of speed and finesse, as F1 stars and golf pros unite on the vibrant stage of the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas. 

With dynamic pairings, an innovative event format, and charismatic hosts, the anticipation is palpable. 

As the world eagerly tunes in on Netflix, November 14, at 3:00 pm Pacific Time, we’re set for a riveting spectacle where motorsport meets golfing prowess.

Don’t miss the chance to witness this extraordinary fusion, marking the beginning of a new era in sports entertainment. 

The Netflix Cup: Where adrenaline meets precision, and history is made on the greens of Las Vegas.

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