From Toto Werewolff to Max Verstappen’s Joker: F1 Drivers Embrace Halloween with Eerie Costumes

F1 Drivers Embrace Halloween with Eerie Costumes image
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As the Halloween fervor enveloped the world, the Formula 1 fraternity didn’t hold back in embracing the festivities. Teams unleashed their creative spirits, with the Mercedes boss becoming ‘Toto Werewolff’, Haas conjuring ‘Mick or Treat’, and Williams carving pumpkins.

Not to be outdone, Max Verstappen sported skull makeup, among other drivers flaunting eerie costumes on social media.

As the eerie night approached, drivers like Kimi Raikkonen, Pierre Gasly, Nikita Mazepin, Romain Grosjean, Nico Hulkenberg, and Nico Rosberg showcased their distinctive looks, capturing the essence of the spooky celebration.

F1 Drivers Embrace Halloween with Eerie Costumes

During the Halloween festivities, the Formula 1 drivers embraced the spirit of the occasion by adorning themselves in captivating and eerie costumes. F

rom Toto Werewolff to Max Verstappen’s Joker-inspired look, drivers displayed their creative side across social media.

Kimi Raikkonen, Pierre Gasly, Romain Grosjean, Nico Hulkenberg, and others also showcased their spooky outfits, contributing to a thrilling and vibrant celebration within the F1 community.

Mercedes Team: Toto Werewolff

During the spirited Halloween revelry, the Mercedes team took a unique turn as their team principal, Toto Wolff, morphed into ‘Toto Werewolff’.

This metamorphosis, shared widely on social media, encapsulated the team’s enthusiastic embrace of the spooky festivity.

The transformation showcased the team’s playful spirit, setting the tone for a distinctive and lighthearted celebration among Formula 1 enthusiasts.

Haas Team: “Mick or Treat

During the spirited Halloween festivities in the Formula 1 world, the Haas team brought their A-game with a clever and pun-intended celebration, dubbing it “Mick or Treat.”

This playful twist added a whimsical touch to the occasion, showcasing the team’s light-hearted approach and their engagement with the spooky holiday in a manner that resonated with fans across social media platforms.

F1 Stars Embrace Spooky Spirit with Halloween Costumes image
Source: The Mirror

Williams Team: Pumpkin Carvings

Amidst the Halloween celebrations in Formula 1, the Williams team added a touch of creativity by showcasing their artistry through intricately carved pumpkins.

Their carved creations, shared widely on social media, reflected the team’s enthusiastic participation in the spooky festivities, engaging fans with their playful and artistic side during this spirited time of the year.

Formula 1 Drivers Embrace Halloween Costumes image
Source: The Mirror

Max Verstappen as The Joker

In the vibrant tapestry of Halloween celebrations within Formula 1, Max Verstappen emerged as a standout with his interpretation as “The Joker,” sporting intricate skull makeup.

Shared across social media platforms, his eerie and captivating portrayal captured the essence of the spooky holiday, showcasing his creative spirit and adding an element of intrigue to the festivities.

Raikkonen’s Ominous Mansion

During the Halloween fervor, Kimi Raikkonen orchestrated a spectacular celebration, transforming his expansive villa into an ominous mansion.

Raikkonen, along with his family, exuded the essence of the spooky occasion, donning eerie costumes, collectively crafting an impressive and captivating ambiance that resonated widely across social media, showcasing their enthusiastic participation in the festive spirit.

Grosjean’s Hilarious Concept

In the midst of Halloween revelry, Romain Grosjean unveiled a comical and hilarious concept in celebration.

Alongside his wife, Marian Grosjean, the duo portrayed a whimsical scene, where she mockingly wielded a chainsaw, seemingly sawing his ‘troublesome’ left arm in reference to the 2020 Bahrain GP incident.

Their light-hearted and playful portrayal added a touch of humor to the festive occasion, engaging the audience across social media platforms.


As the Halloween festivities have drawn to a close, the Formula 1 community can now refocus their attention on the upcoming Mexican Grand Prix. The teams and drivers made the most of the spooky season, with creative and eerie costumes, while some opted for family gatherings and others joined in with their significant others.

The spirit of Halloween brought a sense of camaraderie and lightheartedness to the sport, but the drivers are now gearing up to get back on track.

With the season heating up, the question remains: can Max Verstappen pose a genuine title challenge against his rival, Lewis Hamilton, in Mexico? Only time will reveal the answer.

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