F1’s Gift Gala: F1 Drivers Play Secret Santa with a Dash of Christmas Magic!

Zhou Guanyu Receives Bottass Calendar From Charles Leclerc in F1 Secret Santa Game Image
Zhou Guanyu Receives Bottass Calendar From Charles Leclerc in F1 Secret Santa Game (Image Credit – PlanetF1)

Welcome to the dazzling spectacle of F1’s Gift Gala, where the world’s fastest drivers trade their racing gloves for the spirit of giving. 

In this festive pit stop, each driver becomes a Secret Santa, delivering surprises that blend cheerful, quirky, and heartwarming elements.

From chilly printed underwear to tequila-infused delights, this year’s gift exchange brings a touch of Christmas magic to the high-speed world of Formula 1

Let’s unwrap the joyous moments and unexpected treasures of this merry tradition.

F1 Drivers Play Secret Santa with a Dash of Christmas Magic

In the electrifying realm of F1, the festive spirit takes the wheel as F1 drivers embrace the magic of Christmas through a spirited round of Secret Santa

Gifts from Secret Santa embrance the theme of personalised, teasing and humor-poking

The pit lane transforms into a winter wonderland, showcasing the playful camaraderie and unexpected joys that fuel the high-octane world of racing. 

Get ready for a ride filled with cheery presents and Yuletide merriment.

Valtteri Bottas and Carlos Sainz Exchange Chilly Surprises

In a frosty twist of holiday camaraderie, Valtteri Bottas and Carlos Sainz engaged in a chilly exchange during the 2023 F1 Secret Santa. 

Bottas, the mastermind behind a pair of chilly printed underwear, slyly resembling his involvement in charity with a dash of humor

Sainz, with a keen sense of humor, decoded the frozen gift, unraveling a tale of goodwill and playful surprises.

Carlos Sainz’s Mini Game Brings Joy to Max Verstappen

In the spirit of festive camaraderie, the F1 Secret Santa took a playful turn as Carlos Sainz sprinkled joy with a thoughtful gesture. 

Sainz’s gift, a whimsical mini game, proved to be the perfect token for recipient Max Verstappen, sparking a gleeful atmosphere in the fast-paced world of motorsport.

Max Verstappen’s Creative Gift to Valtteri Bottas

In a blend of artistic flair and camaraderie, Max Verstappen added a dash of creativity to the 2023 Formula 1 Secret Santa

Gifting Valtteri Bottas, known for his charity work and a unique Bott’ass’ calendar, Verstappen presented an innovative book titled “A simply lovely look at butts in art.” 

The cheeky gesture went viral, infusing the festive season with laughter and merriment.

Alex Albon’s Thoughtful Gift to Sergio Perez

In a heartwarming chapter of the F1 Gift Gala, Alex Albon showcased his considerate side, becoming the Secret Santa for Red Bull’s Sergio Perez

Albon’s gift, a personalized kit including a bodysuit, cap, and a bear with the Williams brand logo, celebrated Perez’s new fatherhood

The thoughtful gesture added a touch of familial warmth to the high-speed festivities.

Sergio Perez’s Mexican Drink Delights Daniel Ricciardo

In a cross-cultural twist of the F1 2023 Secret Santa, Sergio Perez added a flavorful touch to the festivities. 

Gifting Daniel Ricciardo a bottle of Mexican tequila, Perez’s present infused the holiday exchange with a spirited nod to his heritage. 

Daniel Ricciardo’s Aussie Touch for Oscar Piastri

In a heartfelt Aussie connection during the Secret Santa in F1 world, Daniel Ricciardo shared the joy with fellow Australian driver Oscar Piastri

Ricciardo’s gift, a T-shirt adorned with a cute Koala image, radiated warmth and camaraderie. 

Additionally, Piastri received a sweet touch with a packet of sweets, creating a delightful blend of national pride and festive sweetness.

Oscar Piastri’s Unique Golf Ball Gift to Alex Albon

Adding a personalized spin to this gifting season, Oscar Piastri drove his gift creativity with precision. 

Bestowing Alex Albon with customized 6 golf balls, featuring images of drivers, Piastri delivered a hole-in-one present. 

Albon’s ecstatic reaction deemed it the “best gift I’ve ever received,” turning the festive exchange into a winning celebration.

Pierre Gasly’s Teasing Keychain Gift to Lando Norris

In a playful pit stop of this season of Secret Santa, Pierre Gasly injected humor into the festivities. 

Gifting Lando Norris with an “Onlyputt” keychain, Gasly added a dash of tease, presenting a tiny gift in a large box

Lando Norris’s Mini Basketball Gift to Logan Sargeant

In a slam dunk moment, McLaren’s Lando Norris showcased his playful spirit. 

Gifting Williams’ driver Logan Sargeant with a mini basketball, Norris added a sporty touch to the festive exchange. 

Sargeant, delighted by the thoughtful gesture, received a mini hoop to elevate the holiday cheer on and off the track.

Logan Sargeant’s Cute Gifts for Kevin Magnussen

In a heartwarming exchange at the F1 Gift Gala, Williams’ driver Logan Sargeant curated adorable gifts for Kevin Magnussen

Celebrating Magnussen’s recent fatherhood, Sargeant gifted a T-shirt for his newborn daughter with a charming caption, “Shhh… I’m watching racing with daddy.” 

The thoughtful present also included a guide, Lonely Planet to US road trips, wrapping the festivities in warmth and familial joy.

Nico Hulkenberg’s Playful Gift to George Russell

In a lighthearted twist of the F1 Secret Santa, Haas’ Nico Hulkenberg injected playfulness into the gift exchange. 

Choosing George Russell as his recipient, Hulkenberg presented a Kevin Magnussen spring toy. 

Russell, appreciating the humor, chuckled, promising to keep it for a “couple of hours” before playfully considering its fate, adding a delightful touch to the festive merriment.

George Russell’s Generous Gifts for Esteban Ocon

In a grand display of generosity during the Formula 1 2023 Gift Gala, British driver George Russell became the Secret Santa for Alpine’s Esteban Ocon

Russell’s thoughtful offerings included a water bottle, a toilet bag, and a Spider-Man travel pillow, creating a trifecta of practical yet heartfelt presents that encapsulated the festive spirit and camaraderie of the occasion.

Esteban Ocon’s Yawning Emoji Cup for Nico Hulkenberg

In a playful exchange of holiday cheer, Alpine’s Esteban Ocon added a touch of humor to the F1 Secret Santa. 

Bestowing a unique gift upon Haas’ Nico Hulkenberg, Ocon presented a yawning emoji-ed cup

Nico Hulkenberg’s Tripod-Themed Gift to Pierre Gasly

In a nod to camaraderie and inside jokes, Haas’ Nico Hulkenberg showcased his playful side as the Secret Santa for Alpine’s Pierre Gasly. 

Choosing a themed gift that resonated with Gasly’s grid nickname, Hulkenberg gifted a “tripod.” 

Fernando Alonso’s Padel Racquet Gift to Charles Leclerc

In a sporty twist of holiday festivities, Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso became the Secret Santa for Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. 

Alonso’s thoughtful gift, a Padel Racquet, mirrored Leclerc’s passion for the sport

The present not only celebrated their shared love for Padel but also added an athletic flair to the festive exchange, showcasing the drivers’ unique connections beyond the racetrack.

Charles Leclerc’s Calendar Gift to Zhou Guanyu

In a surprising turn of events during the F1 Gift Gala, Charles Leclerc became the Secret Santa for his teammate, Zhou Guanyu. 

Leclerc, with a touch of humor, gifted Zhou a Bottass calendar, drawing chuckles as Zhou initially rejected it, claiming to already own one. 

Yet, with a smile, Zhou accepted the calendar after Leclerc’s heartfelt plea

Zhou Guanyu’s Culinary Gifts to Yuki Tsunoda

In a savory display of thoughtfulness, Zhou Guanyu turned into a culinary Secret Santa for AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda. 

Acknowledging Tsunoda’s passion for cooking and restaurant dreams, Zhou gifted a cooking book and a Dragon Apron. 

The flavorful presents reflected Zhou’s keen understanding of Tsunoda’s interests, adding a dash of culinary delight to the festive pit lane.

Yuki Tsunoda’s Winter-Ready Beanie for Lance Stroll

Embracing the winter chill with a thoughtful touch, AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda became the Secret Santa for Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll. 

Tsunoda, aware of Stroll’s winter break in Canada, gifted a winter-ready beanie. 

The cozy present aimed to shield Stroll’s ears and head from the brisk Canadian winds, turning the F1 Gift Gala into a heartwarming celebration of seasonal camaraderie.

Lance Stroll’s Captain Hat Gift to Fernando Alonso

In a maritime nod to festive flair, Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll took on the role of Secret Santa for his teammate, Fernando Alonso. 

Stroll gifted Alonso a captain hat, a whimsical choice inspired by Alonso’s recent boat purchase

The present added a playful touch, intertwining the holiday spirit with Alonso’s newfound nautical adventures.

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Lewis Hamilton’s Absence from Secret Santa 

Amidst the holiday cheer and festive exchanges, one notable absence stood out—the charismatic Lewis Hamilton

Known for his racing prowess and philanthropy, Hamilton chose not to participate in this year’s Secret Santa tradition, continuing a trend since 2017

His decision to step aside from the spirited games and speculative surprises added an air of mystery to the festivities, leaving fans to wonder about the reasons behind his deliberate detachment from the holiday exchange. 

Hamilton’s absence became a talking point, injecting an element of intrigue into an otherwise joyous and gift-filled affair.


In the grand finale of F1’s Gift Gala, the pit lane echoed with laughter and warmth as drivers became Secret Santas, exchanging gifts that ranged from cheeky surprises to heartfelt gestures. 

The festive camaraderie showcased not only the speed on the track but also the drivers’ playful and generous spirits off it. 

Each carefully chosen present brought a unique touch to the holiday exchange, creating a mosaic of joy that transcended the fast-paced world of Formula 1. 

As the checkered flag waved on this spirited celebration, the F1 community basked in the afterglow of a successful and heartwarming Gift Gala.

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