F1 Expert Peter Windsor Says Charles Leclerc Cannot Match Max Verstappen

Leclerc Needs Red Bull Like Car to Match Verstappen's Brilliance Image
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F1 Expert Peter Windsor Says Charles Leclerc Cannot Match Max Verstappen. Windsor highlighted the challenges faced by Leclerc at Ferrari, including unreliability and strategic errors that have hindered his performance. In this article, we delve into Windsor’s analysis, examining Leclerc’s driving errors, struggles in different conditions, and the impact of his self-critical nature and intelligence on his partnership with Ferrari.

Windsor: Leclerc Needs Red Bull-like Car to Match Verstappen’s Brilliance

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Charles Leclerc has encountered numerous challenges during his time at Ferrari. Despite his long-term deal with the team, Leclerc has faced disappointments due to unreliability and strategic errors. These factors have hindered his performance and prevented him from achieving the level of success exhibited by his rival, Max Verstappen. Leclerc’s partnership with Ferrari has been marred by the need for a competitive car comparable to Red Bull’s RB19 and a lack of internal politics. Overcoming these challenges and finding the right balance will be crucial for Leclerc to unlock his full potential in Formula 1.

Leclerc’s Driving Errors and Concentration Issues

The Monegasque driver has experienced driving errors and concentration issues that have impacted his performance in Formula 1. One notable incident was his crash during the 2022 French Grand Prix while trying to stay ahead of Max Verstappen. F1 expert Peter Windsor attributes these mistakes to the numerous distractions Leclerc faces, suggesting that he has too much on his mind while racing. This contrasts with Verstappen’s focused approach, which allows him to perform at a higher level.

Leclerc’s Performance in Different Conditions

Based on different conditions, Charles Leclerc’s performance has shown some areas of weakness. He has struggled in wet and sub-optimal track conditions, particularly when tire temperatures are low. F1 expert Peter Windsor suggests that Leclerc may be trying too hard in these situations, not allowing the car to settle and working the tires too hard. Finding a better balance and adapting his approach will be crucial for Leclerc to improve and match Verstappen.

Leclerc’s Self-Criticism and Intelligence

Charles Leclerc is known for his self-critical nature and high level of intelligence. F1 expert Peter Windsor acknowledges Leclerc’s tendency to berate himself publicly after making errors. While some may argue that he is too hard on himself, Windsor believes that self-criticism is a powerful tool for improvement. However, Windsor suggests that Leclerc’s intelligence may present challenges in his partnership with Ferrari, as being an intelligent driver at Ferrari can be difficult due to the complexities and pressures involved.

Difficulty of Winning World Championships at Ferrari Says Peter Windor

Winning World Championships at Ferrari has become increasingly challenging, as F1 expert Peter Windsor points out. Comparing the present era with the successful reigns of Michael Schumacher and Niki Lauda, the difficulties faced by Charles Leclerc at Ferrari become evident. The team dynamics, internal politics, and the pressure to perform at the highest level present formidable obstacles for drivers aiming to claim championship glory.


F1 expert Peter Windsor’s assessment of Charles Leclerc’s ability to match Max Verstappen’s achievements highlights the challenges faced by the young driver at Ferrari. Unreliability, strategic errors, and distractions have hindered Leclerc’s performance, preventing him from reaching Verstappen’s level of success. Finally, winning World Championships at Ferrari has become increasingly difficult, with complex team dynamics and high expectations.

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