F1 Stars Embrace the Summer Break: From Beaches to Yachts, the Vacation Vibes are On!

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F1 Stars Embrace the Summer Break. As the scorching summer sun blankets the world, F1 stars are steering away from racetracks and indulging in well-deserved vacations.

Our beloved F1 racers are enjoying all the excitement and relaxation throughout this 2023 Formula 1 summer break

From Max Verstappen, the winner of the Belgian Grand Prix recently held at Spa to Carlos Sainz, the Ferrari sensation, every F1 racer is highly enjoying their vacation time.

To know all the details of where your favorite racer is during this break read further.

From beach parties to luxurious yachts, the F1 universe is alive with vacation vibes!

F1 Stars Embrace the Summer Break

As the summer break beckons after the thrilling Belgian Grand Prix, F1 stars are trading the adrenaline of the racetrack for some much-needed relaxation.

Max Verstappen and his girlfriend Kelly Piquet, made a stylish entrance in Sardinia, setting the trend for vacation chic.

F1 presenter Lissie Mackintosh and Marcus Armstrong continue to give us something to speculate about their connection.

Meanwhile, Pierre Gasly, Charles Leclerc, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz are spotted enjoying their holidays in various exotic locations.

Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet’s Sardinian Getaway

F1 ace Max Verstappen and girlfriend Kelly Piquet’s summer adventure takes them to the picturesque island of Sardinia.

After Max’s triumphant victory at Spa-Francorchamps, the couple arrived in style, stepping off a private jet. 

Donning casual yet stylish outfits, they set the vacation vibes in motion.

Amidst stunning scenery, the duo enjoys their much-deserved relaxation and embraces the blissful moments of their Sardinian getaway.

In some posts revealed a few hours ago, Max was spotted along with Lando Norris enjoying his break at Tomorrowland.

Pierre Gasly’s Party Time After Belgian Grand Prix

F1 star Pierre Gasly lets loose after his spectacular performance at the Belgian Grand Prix 2023

Leaving Spa, he embraces the celebratory spirit, attending a vibrant party with Kika by his side.

Later, the fun-filled moments capture Gasly in high spirits, enjoying his time at a super fancy restaurant along with his love Kika. 

Amidst the holiday cheer, the Alpine driver proves that victory on the track is best celebrated with friends and good times.

Charles Leclerc’s Relaxation by the Shore in Calvi

Ferrari sensation Charles Leclerc takes a well-deserved break in the serene coastal town of Calvi.

Amidst the sandy shores and gentle waves, he embraces the tranquility of the seaside. Fans gather around as he runs along the beach.

Although, none of the posts nor fans spotted Alexandra Saint-Mleux, with Charles Leclerc. Alexandra’s recent attendings at paddocks and other places with Leclerc brought speculations about both of them dating each other.

While the racing world awaits his return, Leclerc finds solace in the simplicity of a beachside retreat along with his friends.

Carlos Sainz’s Rumored Vacation with Model Girlfriend Rebecca Donaldson

The F1 world is abuzz with speculation as Carlos Sainz, the talented Ferrari driver, is linked to renowned model Rebecca Donaldson during the recent times.

Social media posts fuel rumors of their recent vacation together, adding to the intrigue surrounding their alleged romance.

Rebecca recently posted some pics of herself posing on a yacht in a bikini.

Some fans have guessed that the yacht from where Rebecca has posted is the same one that Carlos spent his vacation with last year.

Meanwhile, some other friends of Carlos recently shared pics along with the Spaniard saying they were enjoying their time on the high seas.

As fans eagerly await confirmation, the duo keeps the paparazzi guessing while enjoying their time amidst the allure of exotic destinations and high-profile adventures.

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Lissie Mackintosh and Marcus Armstrong Ignite Dating Rumors

F1 presenter Lissie Mackintosh has always been captivating fans with her exclusive behind-the-scenes content from the world of Formula 1.

F1 reporter Lissie Mackintosh seems to be enjoying her summer break alongside rumored flame, Marcus Armstrong, the talented New Zealand motor racing driver.

While the duo is yet to make their relationship official, they have been spotted together at various races, and most recently during this summer break, they were seen vacationing in the tropical paradise of Tulum.

Fernando Alonso’s Summer Escape: Vacation Vibes and Speculations

Alonso, the F1 legend, is also making the most of the summer break with a well-deserved vacation. 

Social media speculation suggests that he might be enjoying his time with journalist Melissa, as photos and videos surfaced of them supposedly leaving Belgium together.

Moreover, some fans are expressing their doubts regarding Fernando Alonso and Andrea unfollowing each other in their instagram handles.

While specific details of his vacation destination remain private, fans eagerly follow Alonso’s social media for any updates on his holiday adventures.


In conclusion, the summer break has proven to be a cherished time for F1 stars to unwind and indulge in well-deserved vacations.

From the picturesque shores of Sardinia to thrilling festivals and luxurious yacht escapades, the F1 fraternity has embraced the spirit of relaxation and celebration.

Fans eagerly follow the escapades of Max Verstappen, Kelly Piquet, Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz, Pierre Gasly, Charles Leclerc, and others as they share their vacation moments.

As the racing world awaits their return to the track, these Formula 1 stars have ignited a sense of excitement and joy, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next thrilling chapter in their high-octane journey.

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