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F1 WAGs Paint the 2023 F1 Summer Break. In the world of high-speed excitement and adrenaline-fueled races, there exists a parallel universe that thrives beyond the racetrack’s roar. 

The F1 WAGs, partners to the drivers of the prestigious Formula 1, are no mere spectators. 

They are the unsung champions of glitz, glamor, and private adventures, embarking on their own journey during the F1 summer break

F1 WAGs Paint the 2023 F1 Summer Break

From new flames to established pairs, F1 wags and their lives intertwine with the thrilling world of motorsport, revealing a side of F1 that’s as vibrant as the track itself.

Join us as we delve into the captivating tales of love, sun-soaked getaways, and intriguing romances that have ignited headlines and social media buzz. 

Alexandra Saint-Mleux & Charles Leclerc

The budding connection between Alexandra Saint-Mleux and Charles Leclerc has gained momentum during this 2023 F1 summer break. 

Amid the chatter of summer escapades, this duo emerges, with Alexandra stepping into the role of Leclerc’s new girlfriend. 

With whispers of their time in Sardegna, Corsica, Calvi, and other parts of France and Italy, and glimpses of kisses and family gatherings, the couple were seen enjoying each others’ company.

Alexandra’s reactivated TikTok offers a peek into her evolving life alongside the talented Ferrari driver.

Moreover, Alexandra Saint Mleux was pictured with Carla and Charlotte, the girlfriends of Arthur Lecler and Lorenz Leclerc, respectively.

Rebecca Donaldson & Carlos Sainz

In the tapestry of F1 narratives, a tale of romance and elegance emerges: the partnership of Rebecca Donaldson and Carlos Sainz

From idyllic yacht escapades to intimate restaurant encounters, their summer hiatus speaks volumes.

Rebecca’s return to the world of modeling, marked notably by her recent bridal campaign, adds a touch of sophistication to her presence alongside the charming Ferrari driver.

Together, they craft a story of love and shared escapades against the backdrop of the sun-soaked season.

Kelly Piquet & Max Verstappen

In the realm of F1 summer stories, a sun-kissed duo takes center stage – Kelly Piquet and Max Verstappen

Their Sardinian sojourn fuels whispers of more than just a vacation, with shared moments amid the azure waters. 

Kelly’s vibrant social media posts capture their shared moments and family joy, including little P, their daughter, Penelope Kvyat. 

Amidst speculations of a new chapter, a recent image revealing her flat stomach dispels pregnancy rumors, casting a spotlight on their radiant summer interlude.

Carmen Mundt & George Russell

Amidst the vibrant tapestry of F1 summer tales, a duo shines brightly – Carmen Mundt and George Russell

Their escapades grace pubs, beaches, and family gatherings, painting a portrait of shared joy. 

Enhanced by their matching Rolex watches, Carmen’s social posts capture their blissful moments. 

As their sun-drenched chapter comes to a close, a recent post by Carmen hints at the end of their summer journey.

Heidi Berger & Daniel Ricciardo 

In the world of F1, where privacy meets passion, an intriguing pair steps into the spotlight – Heidi Berger and Daniel Ricciardo

Amid sun-kissed beach excursions and intimate pub gatherings, their connection remains a closely guarded secret. 

Heidi, the driving force behind their story, accompanies the charismatic AlphaTauri driver. 

As the summer break unfolds, their shared moments retain their enigmatic charm, including an exclusive pub rendezvous with George and Carmen that captures the essence of their discreet bond.

Kika Gomes and Pierre Gasly

In the radiant world of F1, a captivating love story takes center stage – the enchanting bond between Kika, and Pierre Gasly.

The couple have shared numeours images of theirs shared vacation. Kika’s and Gasly’s social media captures these cherished moments, adding an extra layer of warmth to their summer tale.

Moreover, as per reports they had a heartfelt double date with Kika’s mother, Maria Vieira de Campos Cerqueira Gomes, and her new boyfriend, Cayetano Rivera.

Amid sun-drenched landscapes, their shared laughter and azure adventures intertwine, creating a vibrant tapestry of companionship and family connections.

Lily Zneimer & Oscar Piastri 

Amidst the allure of F1, a mystery unfurls with Oscar Piastri and his elusive love, Lily Zneimer.

Shrouded in privacy, Oscar’s connection remains low-key, marked by just a couple of shared images. 

The enigmatic charm of Lily intertwines with the McLaren driver’s story, leaving the world curious about the details of their private summer break.

Phoebe Torrance & Esteban Ocon 

Amid the intrigue of F1, a narrative unfolds involving Esteban Ocon and the enigmatic Phoebe Torrance

Amidst rumors of a breakup, Esteban’s connection remains a puzzle, hinted at by closely matched social media images. 

The Alpine driver’s summer, filled with sea-side enjoyment, adds an air of mystery to his private journey.

Lily He & Alex Albon 

In the enigmatic world of F1, a quietly blossoming connection is found – Lily Muni He and Alex Albon

Amid their summer respite, this duo’s low-key holiday in Europe speaks volumes. 

Lily He, the professional golfer, accompanies the Williams driver on a journey that sways through traditional beach getaways revelaing their unique connection through serene adventures.

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Ex-WAGs’ Summer Escapades

A new chapter unfolds as we delve into the lives of former F1 partners – the ex-WAGs, Charlotte Sine, Isa Hernaez, and Elena Berri.

From sun-kissed Greece to the vibrant charm of Mykonos, Charles Leclerc’s former girlfriend, Charlotte Sine, embarks on a summer journey with her sister, Valentine Sine, evoking a fresh sense of independence.

Furthermore, Carlos Sainz’s ex-girlfriend, Isa Hernaez, basks in the joys of summer with her close circle.

Notably, the eyes of fans were drawn to the shared social media posts of F1 WAGs Charlotte Sine and Isa Hernaez, hinting at a possible reunion in Mykonos, Greece.

Additionally, Elena Berri celebrates her birthday surrounded by friends, omitting any reference to Esteban Ocon.


Amid the F1 spectacle, the lives of WAGs transcend the racetrack. From sun-soaked getaways to shared moments, their stories illuminate a world of love, adventure, and captivating connections.

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