Ferrari Academy Driver Ollie Bearman to Conduct FP1 Runs for Haas in Mexico GP

Rising Star Ollie Bearman Gears Up for F1 Debut with MoneyGram Haas Image
Source: Motorsport Week

Ferrari Academy Driver Ollie Bearman to Conduct FP1 Runs for Haas in Mexico GP. Ollie is set to debut in Formula 1 as he prepares to conduct FP1 runs for Haas in the upcoming Mexico Grand Prix. 

This exciting opportunity marks a significant step in Bearman’s racing journey, with the young talent already making headlines with his impressive performance in the FIA Formula 2 championship

As a part of the Ferrari Driver Academy, Bearman’s dream of racing in Formula 1 draws closer with each opportunity.

Ferrari Academy Driver Ollie Bearman to Conduct FP1 Runs for Haas in Mexico GP

Ollie Bearman of Ferrari Academy Driver is all set to seize the spotlight as he gears up to conduct FP1 runs for Moneygram Haas during the 2023 Mexico Grand Prix. 

This exciting development underscores Bearman’s rapid ascent in the racing world. 

Having made a name for himself in the FIA Formula 2 championship, he now has a golden opportunity to showcase his talent in the pinnacle of motorsport. 

As part of the prestigious Ferrari Driver Academy, Bearman’s journey toward his Formula 1 dream takes a significant leap forward with his FP1 debut.

Ollie Bearman’s Background

The rising star of motorsport, Ollie Bearman, boasts a remarkable background that sets the stage for his upcoming FP1 runs with Haas

From his roots in British karting to clinching both the 2021 German and Italian F4 titles, Bearman has proven his mettle. 

His transition to the FIA Formula 2 in 2023 has been equally impressive, with multiple victories and pole positions. 

This journey exemplifies his rapid ascent in the world of racing, laying the foundation for his upcoming debut in Formula 1.

FP1 Opportunity with Haas

The FP1 opportunity with Haas signifies a pivotal moment in Ollie Bearman’s budding career. 

Formula 1’s first practice sessions are where young talents prove their worth, and Bearman is set to do just that.

Under the regulations mandating experienced drivers to give up FP1 slots for rookies, he steps into the spotlight. 

This experience with the Haas VF-23 is a significant milestone on his journey towards the pinnacle of motorsport, marking a major leap forward in his racing adventure.

Ferrari Academy Connection

Ollie Bearman’s strong affiliation with the Ferrari Driver Academy is a defining feature of his racing journey. 

The connection with this prestigious program has propelled his career to new heights. 

Bearman’s recent F1 debut during a private test at Ferrari’s iconic Fiorano Circuit test track further underscores his integral role in the academy. 

This connection paves the way for his forthcoming Free Practice sessions with the Ferrari-powered MoneyGram Haas F1 Team, offering a tantalizing glimpse into a future among Formula 1’s elite.

Ollie Bearman’s Expectations

Bearman approaches his forthcoming FP1 sessions with Haas brimming with excitement and gratitude. 

While he acknowledges that the focus during these sessions isn’t on heroics, he’s committed to being a safe pair of hands for the team. 

Bearman’s ultimate expectation is to make the most of this opportunity, preparing himself to support the team effectively on both occasions, all while nurturing his dream of achieving success in F1.

Busy Schedule

Ollie Bearman is gearing up for a whirlwind schedule ahead. 

With his FP1 runs for Haas in Mexico and further commitments in Formula 2 and post-season testing, his calendar is packed. 

The young racer is set for a hectic week, with a potential trip to Bahrain to support his brother in the world Finals

Bearman’s dedication to racing is evident, leaving no room for rest as he navigates his burgeoning career.

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Future Plans

Ollie Bearman looks ahead to the future with a clear vision. Despite his upcoming FP1 runs with Haas, Bearman reveals that his plans for 2024 revolve around another year in F2

He believes that taking a year out isn’t the optimal choice. His primary goal remains winning the F2 championship, a strategic move that positions him well for a potential jump into Formula 1 in the subsequent seasons. 

Bearman’s determination to succeed in motorsport is unwavering, and his ambitions are set high.


In conclusion, Ollie Bearman stands at a pivotal juncture in his racing career, poised to make his mark in Formula 1.

His FP1 opportunity with Haas in Mexico represents a significant milestone in his journey from karting prodigy to F2 standout. 

With a strong connection to the Ferrari Driver Academy, Bearman’s future is promising, and he approaches these sessions with great expectations. 

Despite a busy schedule, he remains dedicated to his passion for racing, setting ambitious goals for the seasons ahead. 

Bearman’s journey is a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of motorsport.

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