F2 2024: Ferrari Junior Oliver Bearman Extends Partnership with Prema for F2 2024 

Oliver Bearman Revs Up for a Roaring 2024 Season with Prema Racing Image
Oliver Bearman Revs Up for a Roaring 2024 Season with Prema Racing Image

Ferrari Junior Oliver Bearman Extends Partnership with Prema for F2 2024. Embarking on another lap of his thrilling F2 journey, Oliver Bearman has decided to extend his partnership with Prema Racing

After a remarkable rookie campaign in 2023, where Bearman left an indelible mark with multiple wins and a seamless transition between F2, Ferrari, and Haas commitments, the young Brit gears up for more exhilarating twists in the high-profile F2 feeder series.

Ferrari Junior Oliver Bearman Extends Partnership with Prema for F2 2024 

In a strategic move for the roaring 2024 F2 season, the dynamic partnership between Ferrari Junior Oliver Bearman and Prema Racing continues to gain momentum. 

Following an exceptional 2023, marked by Bearman’s prowess with 4 wins, the 18-year-old sensation reaffirmed his commitment to Prema, fueling anticipation for another thrilling chapter in the high-stakes world of Formula 2.

Bearman’s Remarkable 2023 Season

Oliver Bearman left an indelible mark in his rookie F2 season in 2023, showcasing a stellar performance that echoed through the racing world. 

Becoming the 1st driver in Championship history to dominate every session in a single weekend, Bearman’s not 1 but 4 wins and strategic contributions to Haas solidified his reputation as a rising star.

Oliver Bearman’s Experience with Haas and Ferrari

Navigating the fast-paced world of F1, Oliver Bearman had a riveting experience with both Haas and Ferrari in 2023. 

Steering his way through the Abu Dhabi and Mexican Grands Prix with Haas, Bearman also took the wheel at Ferrari’s famed Fiorano circuit.

Juggling simulator work and real-track challenges, Bearman’s seamless transition between teams showcased his adaptability and commitment.

Prema Racing Confirms Bearman for F2 2024

Revving up for the much-anticipated 2024 F2 season, Prema Racing solidifies its commitment to success by confirming the return of Oliver Bearman. 

After an outstanding 2023 campaign, where Bearman clinched victories, the British looks forward to continuing his journey with Prema, backed by the formidable Ferrari Driver Academy.

Bearman’s Perspective on the Upcoming Season

As Oliver gears up for the impending F2 challenges in 2024, his perspective radiates optimism. 

Reflecting on growth with Prema Racing, Bearman expresses excitement about building on the exceptional results of his rookie campaign

With 3 pole positions and 4 wins in his arsenal, he envisions a promising Ferrari-backed journey ahead.

Team and Driver Reactions

Reactions from both team and driver echo excitement as Prema Racing welcomes back the prodigious talent, Oliver Bearman, for the 2024 F2 season. 

Team Principal, Rene Rosin, praises Bearman’s outstanding progress and anticipates further development with the new F2 machinery. 

Bearman, in turn, expresses gratitude for Prema’s support, fueling hopes for a promising season ahead.

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Oliver and Antonelli Partnership

The stage is set for an exhilarating partnership as the talented Ferrari Junior, Oliver Bearman, joins forces with fellow prodigy Andrea Kimi Antonelli at Prema Racing for the 2024 F2 season. 

This intra-team alliance promises a thrilling clash between 2 motorsport sensations, each backed by their respective powerhouses Ferrari and Mercedes.


In conclusion, as the checkered flag falls on Oliver Bearman’s remarkable 2023 season, the anticipation for his continued journey with Prema Racing in the 2024 F2 season reaches a crescendo.

Bearman’s stellar rookie campaign, punctuated by strategic prowess and adaptability, sets the stage for an exciting chapter ahead.

With a renewed partnership and a promising lineup, the F2 grid awaits the roar of Bearman’s Ferrari-backed engine, promising a season filled with adrenaline-fueled moments and fierce competition.

The blend of youthful talent and seasoned guidance ensures that the 2024 season is poised to be a thrilling spectacle in the world of motorsports.

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