Ferrari Unveils Spectacular 812 Competizione Inspired by SF21

Ferrari 812 Competizione Embraces the Spirit of Formula 1 Image

Ferrari Unveils Spectacular 812 Competizione Inspired by SF21. Ferrari has set hearts racing with the unveiling of the unique 812 Competizione, a testament to their Tailor-Made program’s boundless creativity. 

Inspired by the F1 SF21, this car transcends the ordinary, echoing the adrenaline of the racetrack. 

Its distinctive matte Rosso F1 2021 and matte Rosso 1000 GP paintwork beautifully captures the spirit of Formula 1. 

This automotive masterpiece boasts a design that intertwines with the world of sketching, celebrating the creative process. 

Ferrari Unveils Spectacular 812 Competizione Inspired by SF21

In a truly captivating move, Ferrari has recently pulled the curtains back on the automotive world, introducing the world to the spectacular 812 Competizione

This automotive marvel is nothing short of a work of art, art that draws inspiration from none other than the high-speed world of Formula 1, specifically, the SF21

With its distinctive matte Rosso F1 2021 and matte Rosso 1000 GP paintwork, it’s a tribute to the heart-pounding excitement of the racetrack. 

This unique model is not just a visual delight but also a powerhouse, boasting an 830-hp V12 engine that promises unrivaled driving thrills.

Unique Tailor-Made 812 Competizione

The “Unique Tailor-Made 812 Competizione” is a testament to Ferrari’s unparalleled creativity. 

Inspired by a blank canvas, this one-of-a-kind masterpiece pushes the boundaries of automotive design. 

It’s part of an exclusive series, with just 999 models, and is distinguished by a special commemorative plaque. 

The collaborative efforts between the Ferrari Styling Centre and the Tailor Made team have resulted in a spectacular creation, striking a perfect balance between technical prowess and artistic craftsmanship

This car, with its captivating matte Giallo Tristrato exterior and intricate design sketches on the Alcantara-covered interior, is a true work of art.

Charitable Auction

The “Charitable Auction” of the unique Tailor-Made 812 Competizione is a heartwarming endeavor by Ferrari. 

This one-of-a-kind vehicle was commissioned by Ferrari North America, and its sale at the Ferrari Gala in New York City on October 17 has benefitted worthy education support projects. 

A powerful synergy between luxury automotive craftsmanship and philanthropy is at the core of this auction, as Ferrari contributes to a noble cause through the sale of this exceptional automobile.

Creative Process

The “Creative Process” behind the unique Tailor-Made 812 Competizione is a fascinating journey of artistic ingenuity. 

Over a year of meticulous collaboration between the Ferrari Styling Centre and the Tailor Made team went into crafting this masterpiece. 

The challenge lay in striking a delicate balance between technical precision and artistic innovation. 

Drawing inspiration from Flavio Manzoni’s sketches, the result is a car that redefines automotive design, with its captivating matte Giallo Tristrato exterior and the intricate design sketches adorning the Alcantara-clad interior, making it a work of art on wheels.

Exterior and Interior Details

With a matte Giallo Tristrato exterior, this car showcases the designer’s vision, accentuating iconic features like the vortex generators, louvres, and carbon fiber blade. 

The interior, adorned with design sketches on innovative Alcantara, presents a fresh and unique approach. 

Its black trilobal Superfabric upholstery adds to the overall elegance, making this 812 Competizione a true embodiment of artistic craftsmanship inside and out.

Performance and Technology

This unique model pursues unmatched performance, driven by an exhilarating 830-hp V12 engine. 

The advanced 4-wheel steering system ensures agility and precise cornering, allowing the driver to become one with the car on both road and track. 

The result is a seamless blend of innovative technology and raw power that sets new standards in the world of high-performance automobiles.

Ferrari Tailor Made

For those seeking a car that reflects their unique character, this program offers a dedicated team of experts and personal designers. 

It interprets the customer’s wishes while adhering to Ferrari’s aesthetic standards. 

This extraordinary service allows individuals to create a vehicle that transcends the ordinary, where every detail reflects their personal tastes and style, ensuring a truly one-of-a-kind Ferrari.

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Additional Insights

“Additional Insights” into the one-of-a-kind 812 Competizione reveal an automotive marvel resembling a sketchpad.

It captures the essence of creativity by mirroring design lines sketched by the 812 Comp’s designer, beautifully painted on the car’s body in matte black. 

The interior also mirrors this artistic approach, with design sketches embroidered on Alcantara

While the powertrain remains unaltered, its 6.5-liter V12 engine screams to 9,500rpm, delivering extraordinary power and an unmistakable roar.

This exceptional model, commissioned by Ferrari North America, serves a philanthropic purpose, with its auction at the Ferrari Gala expected to raise substantial funds for charity.


In conclusion, the unveiling of the “Unique Tailor-Made 812 Competizione” by Ferrari is a testament to the brand’s unbridled creativity and commitment to automotive artistry. 

This one-of-a-kind masterpiece, inspired by the high-speed world of Formula 1, showcases the perfect blend of technical precision and artistic innovation. 

Its exterior and interior details, along with the powerful 830-hp V12 engine, redefine automotive excellence. 

Moreover, the charitable auction of this exceptional vehicle highlights the brand’s dedication to philanthropy. 

Ferrari’s “Ferrari Tailor Made” program continues to offer a unique and personalized experience to its customers, reflecting their individuality. 

These additional insights into the 812 Competizione’s design and performance demonstrate a fusion of art and engineering, making it a truly extraordinary creation.

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