FIA Summons 3 F1 Teams Including Red Bull for United States Grand Prix Review

Haas Challenges United States Grand Prix Results As Track Limit Controversy Unfolds Image
Source: Haas F1 Team

FIA Summons 3 F1 Teams Including Red Bull for United States Grand Prix Review. In a surprising turn of events, the FIA has summoned 3 prominent teams to review the results of US GP. 

The controversy revolves around allegations of track limit transgressions that went unnoticed during the race at the Circuit of the Americas. 

This summons, as per the FIA’s Right of Review process, aims to scrutinize the decisions made by the race stewards and potentially alter the outcome of the event, with implications for the Constructors’ Championship standings

The hearing, scheduled for November 8, 2023, via video conference, is poised to be a pivotal moment in the ongoing F1 season.

FIA Summons 3 F1 Teams Including Red Bull for United States Grand Prix Review

The FIA has taken a significant step by summoning 3 Formula 1 teams, including the powerhouse Red Bull, to conduct a thorough review of the results from the US Grand Prix

The focus of this review centers on alleged track limit transgressions that escaped detection during the race at COTA

Haas, the team that initiated the review, has challenged the classification due to multiple alleged infringements

Background on Haas’ Request for Review

The genesis of this review process lies in Haas’s determined quest for clarity. 

The team has fervently sought a review of the United States GP results due to their contention that multiple track limit breaches occurred during the race. 

These alleged infringements, which went unpenalized, have sparked a controversy surrounding the classification of the event. 

Haas’s insistence on a review is driven by the belief that the outcomes of the race could be significantly different had these infractions been addressed, raising questions about their impact on the Constructors’ Championship.

Teams Summoned for the Review

In response to Haas’s request for a review, the FIA has summoned not only Red Bull but also 2 other notable F1 teams to the proceedings. 

Williams, and Aston Martin have been called upon to participate in the hearing. 

While Haas initiated the process, the other summoned teams have the option to request attendance

This collective summoning, scheduled for November 8, 2023, via video conference, is aimed at thoroughly examining the circumstances surrounding the United States Grand Prix, and its potential impact on the event’s outcome.

FIA’s Right of Review Process

The FIA’s Right of Review process, guided by Article 14 of the International Sporting Code, empowers competitors to seek a reevaluation of race rulings within 14 days

This process comes into play when “a significant and relevant new element” emerges, which was unavailable during the initial decision. 

The current summons regarding the United States Grand Prix results exemplifies the FIA’s commitment to maintaining fairness and transparency in Formula 1, ultimately impacting the season’s trajectory.

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Potential Impact of the Review

The ongoing review initiated by Haas holds the potential to cast a significant shadow over the outcome of the United States Grand Prix and the wider Formula 1 season. 

Alleged track limit breaches that went unaddressed have sparked a fierce debate, making the summoned hearing a pivotal moment. 

With Constructors’ Championship points in the balance, any adjustments resulting from the review could have far-reaching implications, reshaping the landscape of the competition and intensifying the race for supremacy in Formula 1.


In conclusion, the FIA’s decision to summon three prominent Formula 1 teams, including Red Bull, for a review of the United States Grand Prix results has ignited a significant development in the sport. 

The controversy surrounding alleged track limit breaches and the potential consequences for the Constructors’ Championship have taken center stage. 

The Right of Review process, as per the FIA’s International Sporting Code, underscores the organization’s commitment to fairness and transparency. 

As the hearing approaches, the motorsport community eagerly anticipates the outcome and its impact on the ongoing Formula 1 season. 

This review marks a pivotal moment in the race for supremacy in the world of motorsport.

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