Jenson Button Shifts Gear: Former F1 Champ Takes on World Endurance Championship with Jota Porsche 963

From F1 Glory to Hypercar Challenge Jenson Button's Full-Throttle Return to Racing Image
From F1 Glory to Hypercar Challenge Jenson Button’s Full-Throttle Return to Racing (Image Credit – The Driven Chat Podcast)

Former F1 Champ Takes on World Endurance Championship with Jota Porsche 963. Revving up for a remarkable comeback, Jenson Button, at 43, is set to embrace a thrilling shift in gears. 

The racing maverick is gearing up for the World Endurance Championship, eyeing the prestigious top hypercar category behind the wheel of a Jota Porsche 963

Aiming for iconic races, including the revered Le Mans 24 Hours, Button’s venture unfolds with a blend of confidence, technological marvels, and a unique departure from the competitive F1 dynamics.

Join the ride as Button redefines racing with his unmatched prowess and a passion reignited.

Former F1 Champ Takes on World Endurance Championship with Jota Porsche 963

Embarking on an exhilarating journey, former F1 champion Jenson Button is diving into the WEC, steering the formidable Jota Porsche 963. 

Button, with a career spanning 306 F1 races and a 2009 world title, brings his racing acumen to the top hypercar category, eyeing iconic races like the Le Mans 24 Hours

Confident and technically astute, Button’s racing legacy evolves as he embraces the challenges of endurance racing with unparalleled fervor.

Le Mans 24 Hours Race

Jenson Button’s journey in the WEC reaches a pinnacle at the mention of the Le Mans 24 Hours race.

Steering the powerful Jota Porsche 963, the former Formula 1 champion is set to carve his legacy in endurance racing, eyes fixed on the historic circuit that has witnessed motorsport’s most gripping tales. 

Brace for a spectacle as Button embraces the challenge of conquering Le Mans.

Button’s Confidence and Perspective

Confidence radiates as Jenson Button, the seasoned former Formula 1 champion, articulates his bold entry into the World Endurance Championship. 

At 43, Button stands at the zenith of his game, backed by a nod from his wife. 

His perspective unfolds, highlighting the unmatched technological sophistication of hypercars, a realm surpassing even the pinnacle of F1 aerodynamics

Button’s audacious move signifies not just racing prowess but a keen understanding of the intricate dance between man and machine.

Learning Curve and Complexity

In the heart of Jenson Button’s transition to the World Endurance Championship, he openly acknowledges the steep learning curve inherent in mastering hypercar technology. 

In his early forties, Button delves into the jaw-dropping complexity of these cutting-edge machines, requiring a delicate balance of track prowess and engineering finesse. 

Embracing this challenge, Button elevates his racing narrative to new dimensions, seamlessly blending skill and technical acumen.

Endurance Racing vs. Formula 1

Jenson Button’s pivot to the World Endurance Championship marks a departure from the cutthroat competition of Formula 1. 

He notes the distinct team camaraderie in endurance racing, where collaboration transcends individual rivalry. 

Button finds allure in crafting race-winning machines collectively, a departure from the intense competitiveness of Formula 1.

Button’s Racing Background

With a formidable racing legacy in Formula 1, Jenson Button boasts a career spanning over 306 races and a world title. 

Retiring in 2016, he’s now poised for a full-throttle return in the World Endurance Championship. 

From Williams to McLaren, Button’s journey includes diverse racing experiences, culminating in a Super GT championship win in 2018

As he embraces the challenges of endurance racing, Button’s storied racing background adds a compelling chapter to his illustrious career.

Team and Racing Partners

Teaming up for triumph, Jenson Button joins forces with Hertz Team Jota in the WEC. 

Piloting one of two Porsche 963s, he collaborates with fellow Danish driver Oliver Rasmussen and British racer Philip Hanson

This alliance not only signifies a powerhouse trio but also sets the stage for a compelling narrative in the hypercar realm.

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Racing Venues and Highlights

Jenson Button’s racing odyssey extends beyond tracks; it’s a journey through iconic venues and historic highlights. 

In the World Endurance Championship, Button aims to conquer famed circuits like Spa, Austin, Imola, Sakhir, Fuji, and Interlagos. 

The blend of nostalgia and challenge awaits as Button revs up for diverse racing experiences.


In conclusion, Jenson Button’s return to the racing forefront is nothing short of a thrilling saga. 

Transitioning from a stellar Formula 1 career to the challenging realm of the World Endurance Championship, Button’s narrative unfolds with a promise of excitement and triumph. 

With the formidable Jota Porsche 963 as his steed and a seasoned team by his side, Button embarks on a journey that not only adds a new chapter to his racing legacy but also promises to redefine endurance racing dynamics. 

As he gears up to tackle renowned venues and iconic events, the stage is set for Button to weave his magic once again, blending skill, experience, and a passion that has stood the test of time. 

Brace for the roar of engines and the thrill of competition as Jenson Button takes on a new frontier, leaving an indelible mark on the World Endurance Championship.

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