Formula 2 Reveals 2024 Race Car with a Closer Resemblance to F1

Formula 2 Unveils Next-Gen Race Car at Monza, Elevating the Championship Image
Source: Formula 2

Formula 2 Reveals 2024 Race Car with a Closer Resemblance to F1. Introducing an exhilarating leap into the future of motorsport: Formula 2’s 2024 race car. 

With a striking focus on safety, performance, and sustainability, this unveiling marks a pivotal moment for aspiring racers. 

The newest design not only brings a fresh aesthetic that closely mirrors contemporary Formula 1 machines but also incorporates state-of-the-art electronic systems and an inclusive approach for drivers of all statures. 

This unveiling sets the stage for an intense season of action-packed racing and honing young talents for Formula 1.

Formula 2 Reveals 2024 Race Car with a Closer Resemblance to F1

Embarking on a new era, F2 has unveiled its upcoming season’s race car at Monza, a remarkable blend of safety and performance that draws inspiration from F1

The design is meticulously crafted to resemble the cutting-edge F1 machines, while advanced electronic systems enhance control. 

Prioritizing sustainability, the car runs on Aramco’s bio-sourced sustainable fuel, marking a stride towards greener racing

With an emphasis on inclusivity and driver readiness for F1’s demands, this unveiling paves the path for thrilling and competitive races ahead.

Safety and Performance Advancements

In a resounding commitment to safety and performance, Formula 2’s latest unveiling of the 2024 race car is nothing short of groundbreaking. 

The car stands fortified by the latest safety innovations and upgraded monocoque, poised to meet the stringent FIA 2024 specifications. 

Reinforcing the core ethos of close racing, the redesign includes enhanced aerodynamics for more exhilarating wheel-to-wheel battles.

Aesthetics and Design

The F2 2024 race car brings forth an evolution in aesthetics and design, mirroring the allure of contemporary F1 vehicles

Formula 2's 2024 Car Promises Close Racing and Safety Image
Source: Autosport

With captivating changes to the bodywork, including the nose, front and rear wings, and floor, the car is purpose-built to ignite intense wheel-to-wheel racing while remaining faithful to the spirit of the sport.

Electronics and Systems

Elevating the driving experience, Formula 2’s 2024 race car integrates cutting-edge electronics and systems. 

The inclusion of a new Marelli Marvel VCU 480 ECU/GCU brings enhanced data logging, while the advanced steering wheel offers command over various mappings and functions. 

These electronic features equip drivers with tools to fine-tune their performance and adapt swiftly to dynamic racing scenarios.

Sustainability Focus

Aligned with a robust commitment to sustainability, Formula 2’s next season’s race car propels the sport towards a greener future

Embracing a bio-sourced and sustainable fuel from Aramco, it initiates a crucial shift while anticipating the transition to synthetic fuel

This conscientious approach converges ecological responsibility with the fervor of motorsport, charting a progressive course for the racing landscape.

Driver Preparation and Inclusivity

Empowering drivers, Formula 2’s 2024 race car champions driver preparation and inclusivity. 

Adaptable to drivers of all statures, its cockpit ergonomics align with FIA 2024 specifications. 

With an unwavering focus on nurturing young talents, the car propels accessibility, propounding a future where a diverse range of drivers thrive on the track.

Development and Testing

Steering into the future, F2’s next-gen race car embarks on a journey of development and testing. 

The car’s shakedown at Varano, led by former F2 driver Tatiana Calderon, kick-started a rigorous testing phase. 

Collaborative efforts between teams and drivers, including 2022 FIA Formula 2 Champion Felipe Drugovich will refine the car’s performance for electrifying on-track action.

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Key Details: F2 Cars Vs F1 Cars

DetailFormula 2 2024 Race CarFormula 1 Car
Engine3.4-litre turbocharged MecachromeV6 hybrid turbocharged
Power Output620 HPOver 1000 HP
SafetyF1-spec titanium haloHalo, Cockpit protection
DimensionsLength: 5284 mmVaries by team and season
Steering SystemNon-assisted rack and pinionPower-assisted rack and pinion
SuspensionDouble wishbone, adjustable dampersAdvanced multi-link suspension
Electronic FeaturesNew Marelli Marvel VCU 480 ECU/GCUComplex onboard systems
Sustainability FocusAramco bio-sourced sustainable fuelHybrid systems, sustainable fuels
Cockpit ErgonomicsDesigned for diverse driver staturesTailored to F1 drivers


In the world of motorsport, the unveiling of Formula 2’s 2024 race car marks a pivotal chapter. A convergence of safety, performance, and sustainability defines this remarkable creation. 

As it graces the tracks, its resonating impact extends beyond the realms of racing, embodying a vision for a more inclusive, ecologically-conscious, and thrilling future. 

With the car’s unveiling, Formula 2 propels itself to the forefront of innovation, poised to ignite the passions of racing enthusiasts around the world.

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