Gasly Left Frustrated by Alpine’s Team Order in Japanese Grand Prix

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Gasly Left Frustrated by Alpine’s Team Order in Japanese Grand Prix. In the heat of the Japanese Grand Prix, Pierre Gasly found himself entangled in a web of frustration and confusion.

Alpine’s team order directive, which required him to yield his position to teammate Esteban Ocon on the final lap, left Gasly exclaiming his frustration and shock.

The race unfolded with Gasly initially in 9th, chasing down Fernando Alonso, while Ocon had undergone an undercut strategy.

Gasly Left Frustrated by Alpine’s Team Order in Japanese Grand Prix

During the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix, emotions ran high as Pierre Gasly vented his frustration with Alpine’s team order. 

The directive to let teammate Esteban Ocon pass on the final lap left Gasly exclaiming, 

“Wait, what the ****? You’re kidding me.” 

Gasly, who had been chasing down Fernando Alonso, felt that his faster pace warranted keeping his position. 

However, Ocon defended Alpine’s consistent policy, noting, 

“It’s always been a team order that I’ve known.” 

Despite the clash, Gasly emphasized the need for fair play in future encounters, highlighting discussions to resolve such contentious situations.

Gasly’s Position in the Race

Pierre Gasly entered Suzuka circuit in the 9th position, embarking on a strategic pursuit of Fernando Alonso

With fresher tires and an initial green light to overtake his teammate Esteban Ocon, Gasly aimed to capitalize on his advantage. 

However, when victory seemed elusive, Alpine requested he relinquish his position to Ocon on the final lap, sparking his frustration.

Alpine’s Team Order Request

In a pivotal moment during the Japanese GP, Alpine issued a decisive team order, instructing Pierre Gasly to concede his position to teammate Esteban Ocon on the final lap

Gasly, who had been fervently pursuing Fernando Alonso, expressed his frustration.

The request left Gasly visibly perturbed, sparking discussions about the team’s strategy and its impact on the race outcome.

Gasly: “Wait, what the ****? You’re kidding me. What are you saying? I was faster. I’m on fresher rubber. I would’ve overtaken him anyway.”

Loos: “We’ll discuss it in the office, swap around please.”

Gasly: “Are you serious? Are you being serious? I started in front, I was in front the whole race, you let him undercut me.”

Loos: “I’m not joking, instructions from the pit wall. Let’s do it next time around please, Turn 16.”

Gasly: “Confirm that you want to swap?”

Loos: “Affirm, affirm please.”

Gasly: “Yeah, thank you. Complete joke.”

Loos: “Please Pierre.”

Gasly: “Yeah, I’m doing it.”

Loos: “You don’t have to say anything now, we’ll discuss it after.”

Gasly’s Post-Race Comments

Pierre Gasly didn’t hold back in expressing his post-race frustration following the Japanese Grand Prix 2023. 

He candidly remarked, 

“Just a bit frustrated, because we need to swap positions in the last lap. I don’t fully understand it, I don’t really see the need, but we will talk internally.” 

Gasly’s determination to discuss the team’s decision internally reflects the passion and commitment of a F1 driver navigating the complexities of race strategy and team dynamics.

Ocon’s Response

Esteban Ocon responded to the team order controversy during the Japanese Grand Prix, defending Alpine’s consistent policy. 

He stated,

“I’ve been with this team for four years now and the rule has always been this one.” 

Ocon explained that if one driver swaps positions, they need to regain the position in front, following the team’s protocol.

Despite the clash with Gasly, Ocon emphasized the need for teamwork and understanding the team’s point of view.

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Alpine’s Double Points Finish

Following the tumultuous race at Suzuka, Alpine achieved a commendable double points finish with Esteban Ocon securing 9th place and Pierre Gasly finishing in 10th

This marked Alpine’s second double points finish in the last 9 races, indicating their improving performance. 

Gasly acknowledged that their current results reflect their present standing, stressing the importance of collaborative efforts to enhance their racing package.

Gasly and Ocon’s Race Challenges

Both Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon faced unique challenges during the Japanese Grand Prix. 

Gasly started on the grid and managed to secure a solitary point, showcasing his resilience.

Ocon encountered a collision with Valtteri Bottas and Alex Albon, leading to an early pit stop. 

Despite the obstacles, he believed ninth place was the best the A523 could achieve in Japan, highlighting the importance of adaptability in Formula 1 racing.


In conclusion, the Japanese Grand Prix witnessed a flurry of emotions and strategic decisions that left Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon in the spotlight. 

Gasly’s frustration at Alpine’s team order directive, combined with Ocon’s defense of the team’s consistent policy, underscored the complexities of Formula 1 racing. 

Nevertheless, Alpine’s double points finish highlighted their improving performance, with Gasly and Ocon both overcoming race challenges.

As they navigate the intricacies of team dynamics and strategy, fair play remains a crucial element for these determined drivers in future races.

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