Hamilton and Russell Agree to Stay Until 2025 with Mercedes

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Hamilton and Russell Agree to Stay Until 2025 with Mercedes. In a resounding declaration of commitment, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have solidified their partnership with Mercedes.

The Silver Arrows’ drivers have declared that they are extending their contracts until 2025

The decision to continue their journey together reflects their shared determination, dedication, and hunger for success on the racetrack.

Hamilton and Russell Agree to Stay Until 2025 with Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have made a resounding statement by extending their partnership with Mercedes until 2025

This decision highlights their commitment to the team and their shared determination to continue their journey of success in F1. 

The extension reinforces Hamilton’s record-breaking achievements and Russell’s impressive growth within the team. 

Their dedication to achieving more together reflects their hunger for triumph on the global stage of motorsport.

Lewis Hamilton’s Commitment

Hamilton’s unwavering dedication to Mercedes is palpable as he commits to the team until 2025.

The 7 world championship winner’s words resonate with determination as he says,

“We dream every day of being the best and we have dedicated the past decade together to achieving that goal.”

Hamilton’s deep connection with the team is evident as he speaks of their shared journey, 

“Being at the top does not happen overnight or over a short period of time, it takes commitment, hard work and dedication and it’s been an honor to earn our way into the history books with this incredible team.” 

Hamilton’s hunger for success was evident, as he said,

“We have never been hungrier to win. We have learnt from every success but also every setback.” 

He expressed his relentless pursuit, 

“We continue to chase our dreams, we continue to fight no matter the challenge and we will win again.” 

Grateful for the team’s support, he added, 

“I’m grateful to the team who have supported me both on and off the track.” 

The Briton’s optimism for the future was evident as he stated,

“Our story isn’t finished, we are determined to achieve more together and we won’t stop until we do.”

George Russell’s Role

Russell’s remarkable journey with Mercedes continues as he extends his partnership with Silver Arrows until the 2025 season.

His sentiment echoes, 

“I have grown up with this team ever since joining as part of the junior programme back in 2017. It’s my home and it feels fantastic to extend our special relationship through 2025.” 

Russell’s growth is evident in his first pole position and victory, showcasing his blend of intelligence and tenacity. 

His optimism shines as he expresses excitement for their shared momentum.

“After stepping up to the Mercedes race seat last year, I wanted to reward the trust and belief that Toto [Wolff, team principal] and the rest of the team placed in me.”

Toto Wolff’s Perspective

Mercedes Team Principal, Toto Wolff emphasizes the straightforward decision in retaining Hamilton and Russell

He praises their strong partnership and role in propelling the team forward, highlighting their strength and stability as building blocks for future success. 

Wolff acknowledges Hamilton’s leadership and Russell’s potential, expressing confidence in their contributions to the team’s championship aspirations.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes Team Principal, stressed the straightforward nature of the decision to retain Hamilton and Russell, affirming, 

“Continuing with our current driver line-up was a straightforward decision.” 

He underlined the team’s strength, noting, 

“We have the strongest pairing on the grid and both drivers are playing a crucial role in the team to move us forward.”

Recognizing Hamilton’s impact, Wolff stated, 

“Our partnership with Lewis is one of the most successful in the sport’s history.” 

“His qualities as a pure racing driver are illustrated by his remarkable track record; but over our years together, he has grown to become a pillar and leader of our team.” 

Regarding Russell, Wolff emphasized, 

“George is a leading light of his generation.”

Historical Context

The historical significance of Lewis Hamilton’s move to Mercedes in 2013 remains indelible.

Spearheaded by the late Niki Lauda, the shift from McLaren to the relatively new outfit marked the beginning of a dominating era. 

The partnership’s impact is evident in their multiple world titles, culminating in this renewed commitment that continues their legacy of success and achievement in Formula 1.

Pursuit of Records

Lewis Hamilton’s extension with Mercedes paves the way for a new chapter in his pursuit of greatness. 

Surpassing Michael Schumacher’s record, his longevity with the team positions him to set a new benchmark for most seasons with a single constructor. 

As he vies for an 8th Drivers’ title, Hamilton’s legacy of triumph solidifies in the annals of F1 history.

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Challenges and Future

The extension of Hamilton and Russell with Mercedes comes amid the backdrop of evolving challenges. 

Red Bull’s resurgence and Mercedes’ adaptation to new chassis regulations have sparked competition. 

Despite setbacks, Hamilton’s unwavering spirit and the team’s shared commitment to excellence signify a future of resilience, with the aim to recapture their position at the front of the F1 grid.

Let us all hope that the drivers of Mercedes who extended their contract with the team for the next 2 years would find their luck at this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix, 2023 at Monza. 


In conclusion, the commitment of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell to remain with Mercedes until 2025 marks a significant milestone in the world of Formula 1. 

Their extensions solidify their roles as pillars of the team, each contributing their unique strengths and determination. 

As they navigate challenges and pursue records, their dedication to excellence and hunger for victory remain unwavering. 

The partnership’s legacy, spanning from historic moments to future triumphs, promises to shape the course of F1 history for years to come.

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