Hamilton and Verstappen in Top 10 While Norris and Leclerc in Top 30 in Most Marketable Athletes

Hamilton, Verstappen, Norris, and Leclerc’s Stellar Performances in Top 50 MMA List Image
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Hamilton and Verstappen in Top 10 While Norris and Leclerc in Top 30 in Most Marketable Athletes. Yes! You have heard us right. F1’s 4 drivers have secured the spots in Marketable Athletes List

In a league where the roar of engines meets the pulse of global fandom, F1 juggernauts Hamilton and Verstappen have not just conquered the racetrack but ascended the pinnacle of marketability

The SportsPro’s 50 Most Marketable Athletes list unveils a thrilling narrative—  Lewis Hamilton, maintains his magnetic allure, while Max Verstappen signifies a relentless pursuit of excellence. 

Meanwhile, McLaren’s Lando Norris and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc make their indelible mark, claiming positions within the esteemed Top 30

In this dynamic intersection of sports and stardom, F1’s finest emerge as global icons, shaping the discourse beyond the checkered flag.

Hamilton and Verstappen in Top 10 While Norris and Leclerc in Top 30 in Most Marketable Athletes

In the high-octane realm of marketability, the echoes resound with the triumph of F1’s elite

Lewis Hamilton, with 7th position and Max Verstappen, with 10th rank, perennial contenders, stand unshakably in the Top 10 of the SportsPro’s 50 MMA list, their global resonance undiminished. 

Simultaneously, the ascent of McLaren’s Norris to the 25th spot and Leclerc at 28th fortifies the pervasive influence of F1, as these racetrack virtuosos secure positions within the prestigious Top 30, marking their indelible impact on the broader canvas of sports marketability.

Lewis Hamilton’s Position in the Top 10

In the fierce arena of marketability rankings, the saga of Lewis Hamilton unfolds with flair. 

Securing the enviable 7th spot in the SportsPro’s 50 MMA List, the Mercedes driver, Hamilton’s allure transcends the racetrack. 

A luminary in his own right, the 7-time World Champion‘s global resonance remains unmistakable, as his brand strength and economic prowess contribute to a stellar performance in the prestigious Top 10.

Max Verstappen’s Rise to Top 10

In a meteoric ascent through the echelons of marketability, Max Verstappen emerges triumphant, claiming the illustrious 10th position in the 50 Most Marketable Athletes list. 

The Red Bull driver’s relentless pursuit of excellence in 2023 propels him 23 places higher, a testament to Verstappen’s compelling blend of skill, charisma, and on-track dominance that resonates globally.

Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc in the Top 30

In the realm of marketability, McLaren’s Lando Norris clinches the 25th spot, while Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc secures the 28th position in the 50 Marketable Athletes list. 

Their compelling narratives unfold within the prestigious Top 30, a testament to the global resonance of F1 beyond the racetrack.

Rankings Determination Methodology

The methodology employed to determine the rankings unfolds as a meticulous blend of precision and insight. 

Sportspromedia and Northstar Solutions orchestrated the evaluation using a 3-tiered approach: Brand Strength, Economics and Total Addressable Market.

Each athlete’s standing is a reflection of these pillars, wherein Hamilton’s brand strength and economics shine, while Verstappen excels in total addressable market, elucidating the nuanced factors steering their positions in the esteemed list.

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Comparison of Marketability Scores Between Hamilton and Verstappen

A nuanced examination of the marketability scores unveils the distinct prowess of Hamilton and Verstappen. 

While both F1 racers command substantial scores, the divergence in their approach becomes evident. 

Hamilton’s brand strength and economics remain steadfast, securing him a remarkable 81.81, while Verstappen’s agility in the Total Addressable Market propels him to a commendable 88.22. 

This comparative analysis underscores the intricate dance between the athletes’ individual attributes and the multi-faceted evaluation criteria.

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Impact on Motorsport

The resonance of Hamilton, Verstappen, Norris, and Leclerc in the marketability realm extends beyond personal triumphs. 

Their formidable positions influence the broader spectrum of motorsport, elevating F1’s global standing. 

As these athletes carve indelible marks, their impact transcends the racetrack, solidifying the pivotal role of F1 personalities in shaping the narrative of motorsport on a global scale.


In the riveting narrative of marketability, the triumph of Hamilton, Verstappen, Norris, and Leclerc in the SportsPro’s 50 Most Marketable Athletes not only cements their individual legacies but underscores the pervasive influence of F1 on the global stage. 

As Hamilton and Verstappen shine in the Top 10, and Norris and Leclerc make their mark in the Top 30, the conclusion is clear – F1’s luminaries are not just racetrack virtuosos; they are indomitable forces shaping the discourse of sports marketability worldwide. 

In this dynamic intersection of speed and stardom, F1 stands as a powerhouse, with its stars driving the narrative beyond the checkered flag.

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