Historic Goodwood Festival of Speed Interrupted by Unfavorable Weather

Goodwood Festival of Speed Cancelled for Saturday for the first time in 30 Years Image
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Historic Goodwood Festival of Speed interrupted by unfavorable weather. The Goodwood Festival of Speed, renowned for its celebration of automotive excellence and rich history, experienced an unprecedented interruption due to unfavorable weather. With a 30-year legacy, the festival had never before encountered a cancellation of Saturday’s events. However, the threat of thunderstorms and wind speeds prompted organizers to make the difficult decision to close the gates, prioritizing on-site safety. This unexpected turn of events left fans disappointed but hopeful for the festival to resume on Sunday.

Goodwood Festival of Speed Cancellation on Saturday

Regrettably, the organizers of the Goodwood Festival of Speed were compelled to announce the cancellation of Saturday’s events. The decision was made due to heavy thunderstorms and wind speeds nearing 60 mph. With on-site safety being the utmost priority, the gates were to remain closed, disappointing ticket holders who were looking forward to the festivities. However, the organizers assured that the event would resume as planned on Sunday, providing some solace to the disappointed fans.

Impact on Scheduled Appearances

The cancellation of Saturday’s events at the Goodwood Festival of Speed had a significant impact on the scheduled appearances of renowned personalities. Lando Norris, McLaren driver and British Grand Prix runner-up, was set to make an appearance on Saturday but will now miss the festival entirely. Meanwhile, former F1 World Champions Mika Hakkinen and Sebastian Vettel, along with Mick Schumacher, are expected to return on Sunday, providing fans with the opportunity to witness their thrilling performances and historic moments at the festival.

Historical Significance of Saturday’s Cancellation

The cancellation of Saturday’s events at the Goodwood Festival of Speed holds historical significance as it marks the first time in the festival’s 30-year history that a full day’s running has been interrupted. While the festival faced previous suspensions and a complete cancellation in 2020 due to unforeseen circumstances, Saturday’s closure due to unfavorable weather presents a unique and unprecedented challenge for the event. This unexpected turn of events adds a notable chapter to the festival’s rich legacy.

Weather Forecast and Outlook for Sunday

Looking ahead to Sunday, attendees of the Goodwood Festival of Speed can expect a more promising weather forecast. While Saturday’s cancellation was prompted by the threat of thunderstorms and high winds, Sunday’s outlook appears more favorable. Potential visitors are encouraged to check Goodwood’s social media accounts for any updates regarding the event, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience on the final day of the festival.

MotoGP Legends Shine at Rainy Goodwood Festival of Speed

Despite the rain-soaked conditions, MotoGP™ legends showcased their prowess on day two of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Former champions Kevin Schwantz, Wayne Gardner, Randy Mamola, and Kenny Roberts Jr. thrilled fans as they rode their iconic bikes up the hillclimb. Casey Stoner and a stellar lineup of MotoGP™ stars added to the excitement, providing spectators with a unique blend of past and present racing greatness at the renowned event.


Goodwood Festival of Speed encountered unprecedented interruptions due to unfavorable weather conditions. The cancellation of Saturday’s events, a first in the festival’s 30-year history, disappointed fans who had eagerly anticipated the festivities. However, the organizers’ prioritization of on-site safety was paramount. As the festival prepares to resume on Sunday, enthusiasts remain hopeful for better weather and an unforgettable final day celebrating the legacy of automotive excellence at Goodwood. 

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