Honda Shifts to HRC Marks a Turning Point in its Formula 1 Journey with Aston Martin

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Honda shifts to HRC marks a turning point in its Formula 1 journey with Aston Martin. Honda’s recent announcement of its return to Formula 1 with Aston Martin for 2026 has sparked curiosity about the Japanese manufacturer’s long-term commitment to the championship. With a history of stop-start eras in F1, Honda aims to make a more permanent mark this time. A subtle but significant change in Honda’s approach to F1 management might just be the key to achieving that goal.

Honda’s Change in F1 Management Approach

In a notable shift, Honda has restructured its Formula 1 management approach by bringing its F1 activities under the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) banner. This change holds significant implications for Honda’s long-term participation in the championship. By consolidating F1 within HRC, a company specializing in racing, Honda aims to ensure continuity and provide a clearer path for its F1 endeavors. This strategic adjustment promises improved management understanding, transparent budgeting, and safeguards against sudden discontinuation, bolstering Honda’s commitment to the sport.

Strengthened Partnership with Aston Martin

Honda’s latest era in Formula 1 is accompanied by a revitalized partnership with Aston Martin, marking a significant shift in their collaboration. Unlike previous arrangements, Honda now holds increased authority as a power unit supplier. This enhanced relationship allows Honda to leverage its expertise and explore new revenue streams in the sport. By aligning their goals and improving collaboration, Honda and Aston Martin are forging a dynamic alliance that paves the way for mutual success and a sustainable future in Formula 1.

Potential Return on F1 Efforts

While exploring the possibility of supplying customer power units in the upcoming rules era, Honda initially focuses on supplying Aston Martin. This approach allows Honda to consolidate its resources, optimize performance, and gather valuable engineering data. By strategically expanding their presence and finding the right balance, Honda aims to maximize the benefits and ensure a fruitful venture in Formula 1.


Honda’s strategic shift in Formula 1 management, combined with its strengthened partnership with Aston Martin, sets the stage for a more permanent presence in the championship.The enhanced authority as a power unit supplier in the collaboration with Aston Martin opens doors to potential revenue streams. As Honda explores the option of supplying customer power units, their focus on Aston Martin initially allows for resource optimization.

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