Julia Piquet Reacts on F1’s Silence on Her Father Nelson Piquet’s Birthday: Is the Feud with Hamilton Far from Over?

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Julia Piquet Reacts on F1’s Silence on Her Father Nelson Piquet’s Birthday. The F1 world has just heated up with the latest controversy surrounding Nelson Piquet’s birthday.

In the realm of motorsport, Julia Piquet’s resounding voice echoed through the virtual corridors of social media, carrying a message of disappointment and ire. 

Her passionate reaction to Formula 1’s silence on her father Nelson Piquet’s birthday reverberated within the community. 

Amidst this uproar, the spotlight rekindled the long-standing feud between the Piquet family and Lewis Hamilton, reigniting discussions about past controversies, the weight of offensive remarks, and the intriguing question: 

Is the feud truly over?

Julia Piquet Reacts on F1’s Silence on Her Father Nelson Piquet’s Birthday

A prominent figure in the world of F1 and daughter of racing legend Nelson Piquet, Julia Piquet, recently made waves with her fervent response to Formula 1’s conspicuous omission of her father’s birthday celebration. 

Through her strong reaction, she conveyed her disappointment towards F1’s silence. 

This incident not only illuminated her dedication to preserving her father’s legacy but also sparked discussions about F1’s acknowledgment of its renowned champions.

On Twitter, Julia’s passionate words echoed: 

“Well… I see getting canceled by the court of public opinion means no longer deserving happy birthday tweets or recognition of his incredible feats? 

Shame on you @F1 for turning your back on one of F1’s greatest champions. A three-time champion to be exact. I won’t forget.” 

She followed this sentiment by sharing the same message on her Instagram story, captioning it with unwavering resolve:

“I will never, ever, forget.”

The public nature of her response ignited discussions among F1 enthusiasts, fans, and observers alike, prompting reflections on the intricate balance between celebrating achievements and addressing past controversies within the realm of motorsport.

Nelson Piquet’s Controversial History

F1’s former driver, Nelson Piquet’s journey in the world of motorsport is marked by not only his triumphant achievements but also a series of controversial incidents

His past is tainted by instances of racism and homophobic remarks, particularly his use of offensive language against Lewis Hamilton

These controversies have left a lasting impact on his reputation, casting a shadow over his legacy as a 3-time Formula One champion.

Feud Between Piquet and Hamilton

The feud between Piquet and Hamilton traces back to a pivotal moment when Nelson Piquet made racial slurs against Lewis Hamilton: 

“The little black guy put the car in and didn’t let [the other driver swerve].”

This sparked an ongoing clash, with Hamilton vehemently condemning such attitudes. 

Piquet’s offensive remarks exposed deep-rooted issues within motorsport, making this feud a poignant reminder of the importance of confronting past controversies.

Julia Piquet’s Challenge to F1

Kelly Piquet’s youngest sister, Julia Piquet’s recent outcry over F1’s silence on her father’s birthday reflects her challenge to the racing community

She vigorously asserts that F1 is turning its back on a champion. 

Her passionate words underscore the tension between celebrating a racing legend’s accomplishments while addressing the shadows cast by past controversies.

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F1’s Response and Fan Reactions

F1’s response to Julia Piquet’s outcry remains conspicuous by its absence, leaving fans divided. 

While some applaud her for championing her father’s legacy, others question the appropriateness of acknowledging a champion with a controversial past

This divergence of opinions underscores the complexity of acknowledging racers with multifaceted histories.


In the whirlwind of emotions sparked by Julia Piquet’s impassioned stance on her father’s birthday acknowledgment, the underlying threads of F1’s history and the ongoing feud with Lewis Hamilton become vividly apparent. 

As fans grapple with divided reactions and nuanced perspectives, the incident serves as a poignant reminder that the racing world’s legacy is not just defined by triumphs but also by the complex interplay of controversy and acknowledgment. 

The silence echoing through this situation reverberates with a narrative far more intricate than the roaring engines on the track, highlighting the intricate dance between celebrating champions and reckoning with their pasts.

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