From F1 to the Runway: Kelly Piquet’s Chic New York Fashion Week Adventures

Max Verstappen's Girlfriend Kelly Piquet Stuns at NYFW in PatBO Creation Image

Kelly Piquet’s Chic New York Fashion Week Adventures unveils a captivating journey of transformation. 

Kelly Piquet, known for her association with F1 champion Max Verstappen, transitioned from the roaring racetracks to the glamorous runways of New York

This narrative explores her evolution, from her roots in the world of racing to her glamorous appearances at New York Fashion Week

Amidst the hustle of NYC, Kelly’s emotional connection to the city shines through, shaping her into the remarkable individual she is today.

Kelly Piquet’s Chic New York Fashion Week Adventures

Red Bull’s driver, and 10-time world champion, Max Verstappen’s girlfriend, Kelly Piquet recently attended the New York Fashion Week. 

The Brazilian model, who is also the daughter of Nelson Piquet, flaunted her stunning body in really good-looking dresses. 

From her roots in the modeling and influencing to the shimmering runways of New York, she exudes an effortless charm. 

At New York Fashion Week, hosted by PatBO, she took center stage, radiating style and grace. 

Kelly’s presence embodies the seamless transition from the racetracks to the glamorous world of fashion, adding a touch of F1 flair to the runway.

Kelly Piquet’s Early Life and Background

Piquet’s journey begins with a unique background. As the daughter of F1 legend Nelson Piquet, she grew up surrounded by the captivating roar of racing engines.

Her early years, split between France and Brazil, laid the foundation for her future adventures. 

At the age of 17, she ventured to New York City, a pivotal move that would shape her life’s trajectory, bridging the gap between her F1 heritage and her emergence into the world of fashion and modeling.

New York City: A Mentor and Muse

NYC played a pivotal role as both mentor and muse in Kelly Piquet’s journey. 

Her early years in the city, pursuing international relations at Marymount Manhattan College, marked a transformative phase. 

Surrounded by the city’s vibrant culture and opportunities, she delved into the realms of fashion and modeling, guided by the city’s ever-inspiring energy. 

NYC became the canvas on which Kelly painted her own unique story of growth and self-discovery.

Kelly Piquet’s Emotional Connection with New York

In a recent Instagram post, Kelly shared her deep connection with the city, reminiscing about her arrival in September 2007 and the 6 transformative years that followed. 

Returning to the city still ignites the same excitement and butterflies in her stomach. 

For Kelly, New York isn’t just a place; it’s an enduring chapter that shaped her into the person she is today, filled with cherished experiences, ups and downs, and an indelible sense of belonging.

Kelly Piquet’s Career in Modeling

With roots intertwined in racing legend Nelson Piquet’s family, Kelly Piquet’s destiny was destined for the limelight.

Embracing the world of fashion, she collaborated with esteemed brands like Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu

Featured on the cover of Vogue Netherlands, the mother of 1, Penelope Kvyat, Kelly stands as a testament to her stature in the modeling industry. 

Kelly’s journey from the racetrack to the runway is marked by her understanding of the highs and lows, adrenaline, and passion that both worlds entail.

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Kelly’s Recent New York Fashion Week Experience

Kelly Piquet’s NYFW experience was nothing short of captivating. Attending the event hosted by PatBO and held at The Ritz-Carlton, NoMad, she showcased her impeccable style and grace. 

Her Instagram posts during NYFW captured the essence of the event, with one particularly striking image featuring her in a stunning dress designed by PatBO

Kelly’s presence at NYFW was a testament to her seamless transition from the world of F1 to the glamorous world of fashion.

She is indeed one of the most influential and succeeding F1 WAGs.


In conclusion, Kelly Piquet’s remarkable journey from the high-speed world of F1 to the glamorous runways of New York Fashion Week is a testament to her versatility and resilience. 

Her modeling career soared to new heights, with collaborations with prestigious brands like Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu, culminating in a Vogue Netherlands cover feature. 

Most recently, her presence at New York Fashion Week, hosted by PatBO, showcased her as a true fashion icon. 

From F1 to the runway, Kelly’s journey is a testament to her passion, resilience, and the indelible mark of New York City on her life’s unfolding tale.

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