Hungarian GP Podium Shocker: Lando Norris Receives Astonishing Bill for Shattered Verstappen Trophy

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Lando Norris Receives Astonishing Bill for Shattered Verstappen Trophy. The McLaren star accidentally knocked over Max Verstappen’s delicate and expensive F1 winners’ trophy, causing it to shatter into pieces.

Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner, humorously demanded that Norris foot the bill for the damages. As the F1 season continues with Red Bull’s dominant run, the incident serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of podium celebrations and their potential consequences.

Lando Norris Receives Astonishing Bill for Shattered Verstappen Trophy

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In a surprising twist following the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023, Lando Norris faces an unexpected and astonishing consequence for his podium antics.

After accidentally shattering Max Verstappen’s prestigious F1 winners’ trophy during celebratory champagne-opening, Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner, has demanded that Norris receive a jaw-dropping bill of $66k to cover the damages

The delicate and costly trophy’s mishap has left everyone stunned, highlighting the need for caution during future podium celebrations in the competitive world of Formula 1.

The Incident Unfolds of Champagne Mishap

During the Hungarian GP podium celebrations, Lando Norris inadvertently triggered a shocking chain of events.

As Max Verstappen basked in victory, Norris, in a burst of excitement, attempted his trademark champagne-opening trick, leading to the delicate porcelain trophy toppling over and breaking into pieces.

The scene left spectators and fellow racers in awe, with Norris and Verstappen playfully blaming each other, creating an unforgettable and astonishing moment in Formula 1 history.

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Christian Horner’s Response of Sending $66k Bill to Norris

In the aftermath of the shocking trophy incident at the Hungarian GP, Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull, responded with a mix of humor and seriousness.

Upon learning of the eye-watering cost of the shattered F1 winners’ trophy, Horner couldn’t resist jokingly suggesting that Red Bull should “send the bill” to Landos for the damages caused.

The playful banter unfolded as both Norris and Max Verstappen playfully blamed each other for the mishap, creating a light-hearted yet consequential moment in the world of Formula 1.

Trophy Cost and Herendi Porcelain Manufactory Remaking

The Barbie-themed trophy cost and consequences of Lando Norris’ podium mishap sent ripples through the F1 community.

The delicate and expensive porcelain trophy, valued at a staggering amount, couldn’t withstand the force of impact, resulting in thousands of pounds worth of damage. However, there’s a silver lining as the trophy makers, Herendi Porcelain Manufactory, have vowed to replace it. Thus, Norris was saved from expenses.


In conclusion, the Hungarian GP podium incident, where Lando Norris accidentally shattered Max Verstappen’s trophy, left the F1 community both amused and astounded.

Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner, humorously demanded a bill for the damages, adding a lighthearted touch to the serious matter. Fortunately, Norris was spared from the financial consequences, thanks to the commitment of the trophy makers to replace the broken trophy.

The incident served as a reminder of the unpredictability of podium celebrations and the delicate nature of F1’s prestigious trophies.

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