Lando Norris Reportedly Signs Pre-Contract Agreement with Ferrari Despite Red Bull F1 Links

Rumors Suggest that Lando Norris Signed a Pre-Contract Agreement with Ferrari Image

Lando Norris Reportedly Signs Pre-Contract Agreement with Ferrari Despite Red Bull F1 Links Norris, considered one of the most sought-after talents on the grid, showcased his skills with a remarkable second-place finish at the British Grand Prix. While the rumors surrounding a Ferrari pre-contract agreement may raise eyebrows, the logical career path for Norris remains a subject of debate, given Ferrari’s current position and the daunting challenge of competing against Red Bull’s Max Verstappen.

Rumors of Lando Norris’s Pre-Contract Agreement with Ferrari

Amidst the ongoing speculation surrounding Lando Norris’s future in Formula 1, rumors have emerged suggesting that the McLaren driver has already signed a pre-contract agreement with Ferrari. While recent discussions between Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko and Norris’s manager fueled speculations of a potential move to Red Bull, reports of a pre-contract with Ferrari have added a new twist to the storyline.

Norris’s Performance and Current Situation

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Source: PlanetF1

Lando Norris’s recent performance at the British Grand Prix showcased his exceptional talent and raised questions about his current situation. Despite McLaren’s upgrades to the MCL60, Norris expressed disappointment with the car’s performance in slow-speed corners, labeling it as “terrible” and “extremely difficult to drive.” While he acknowledged the team’s competitiveness in high-speed sections, Norris’s desire for a better car and his impressive displays on the track have sparked rumors of potential moves to more competitive teams like Ferrari, adding an intriguing element to his future in Formula 1.

Potential Replacements for Norris at McLaren

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With rumors swirling about Lando Norris’s reported pre-contract agreement with Ferrari, attention turns to potential replacements at McLaren. Carlos Sainz, Norris’s former teammate, could make a homecoming to McLaren, while Alex Albon’s impressive performances in a slower car could earn him a shot at a bigger team. Additionally, Colton Herta, linked to F1 in the past, may leverage his connection to McLaren as an IndyCar driver. The search for Norris’s replacement adds intrigue to the driver market and McLaren’s future lineup.

Silly Season Rumors and Future Driver Moves

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The F1 silly season is in full swing, with rumors swirling about potential driver moves. Alongside the reports of Lando Norris’s pre-contract with Ferrari, there are speculations of Carlos Sainz’s potential switch to Audi and Mercedes’ interest in Charles Leclerc as a long-term replacement for Lewis Hamilton. However, F1 journalist Joe Saward cautions that these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, highlighting the speculative nature of the discussions.


In conclusion, the reported pre-contract agreement between Lando Norris and Ferrari has sparked intrigue and speculation in the Formula 1 community. While Norris’s impressive performances and dissatisfaction with McLaren’s current car add weight to the rumors, the logical career path for the young British driver remains a subject of debate. With potential replacements being discussed for McLaren and other teams, the driver market continues to captivate fans. As the F1 silly season unfolds, fans eagerly await further developments and major moves that could reshape the landscape of the sport.

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