Lewis Hamilton Condemns Helmut Marko’s Controversial Comments on Sergio Perez

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Lewis Hamilton Condemns Helmut Marko’s Controversial Comments on Sergio Perez. In a recent turn of events, Hamilton has taken a stand against the controversial comments made by Helmut Marko.

The Red Bull’s chief advisor has made some racial comments concerning Sergio Perez

Lewis Hamilton, a leading advocate for inclusivity in the sport, swiftly condemned Marko’s comments, emphasizing the imperative need to combat discrimination within F1

This incident underscores the ongoing efforts to foster a more respectful and diverse environment in the world of motorsport.

Lewis Hamilton Condemns Helmut Marko’s Controversial Comments on Sergio Perez

Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton has taken a firm stance against the highly contentious remarks made by Red Bull’s motorsport advisor, Helmut Marko, directed at Sergio Perez

Marko’s comments, widely criticized for their racist and xenophobic undertones, ignited a fervent backlash within the F1 community. 

Mercedes’ driver and the 7-time champion is known to be a vocal advocate for inclusivity in the sport. 

He swiftly denounced Marko’s statements, underscoring the ongoing battle against discrimination in Formula 1. 

Helmut Marko’s Offensive Comments

In a highly controversial episode, Helmut Marko, the motorsport advisor for Red Bull, found himself in hot water following comments he made about driver Checo Perez

Marko, in his statement, inaccurately attributed Perez’s performance fluctuations to his ethnicity, describing him as “South American” and implying that it affected his consistency compared to other drivers. 

Marko later publicly apologized for his remarks, acknowledging their offensive nature and retracting any generalizations based on nationality or ethnicity.

Lewis Hamilton’s Reaction

A prominent figure in Formula 1 and a champion for inclusivity, Lewis Hamilton, wasted no time in responding to Helmut Marko’s controversial comments about Sergio Perez. 

Hamilton expressed his profound disappointment, deeming Marko’s remarks “completely unacceptable.” 

He underscored the imperative need to eliminate any form of discrimination within the sport, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive environment. 

Hamilton’s resolute condemnation signifies the pivotal role of key figures in driving change within Formula 1.

Max Verstappen’s Response

Teammate to Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen, reacted to Helmut Marko’s controversial comments with pragmatism

Verstappen remarked, 

“I don’t think I’m the right person to educate Helmut,” indicating that Marko had swiftly realized his mistake and issued an apology. 

Verstappen emphasized the importance of recognizing and rectifying errors, highlighting the team’s collective commitment to moving forward with unity and respect.

Importance of Addressing Discrimination in F1

Recent events, such as Helmut Marko’s controversial comments, have brought the issue of addressing discrimination to the forefront.

It underscores the ongoing efforts to foster inclusivity and diversity in the sport. 

Max Verstappen’s statement reflects the collective commitment to creating a more respectful and united environment, where any form of discrimination has no place. 

The work being done within F1 seeks to ensure a more inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all involved.

Sergio Perez’s Response

Checo Perez responded to Helmut Marko’s controversial comments with grace and understanding

Perez revealed, 

“I had a one-on-one conversation with him. He apologized. That was the most important thing for me.” 

He further emphasized his personal relationship with Marko, stating that he didn’t take offense and highlighting the significance of moving forward with mutual respect.

Red Bull Racing’s Stance

Red Bull Racing has taken a clear stance against Helmut Marko’s controversial remarks. 

They assert that there is no place for racism or xenophobia in the world of racing or society at large. 

This firm stance reaffirms their commitment to promoting a respectful and inclusive atmosphere within the team and the sport of Formula 1.

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Support from the Mexican Grand Prix

The Mexican Grand Prix has lent its unequivocal support to Sergio Perez in response to Helmut Marko’s regrettable and xenophobic statements. 

Their official message stated, 

“At the #Mexico GP, we express our support for the Mexican driver, Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez. Inappropriate comments have no place in any area, including sports. 

It is important that steps are taken to prevent this and that apologies are made when necessary. 

We invite everyone to build a more respectful and united community in Formula 1, promoting healthy competition both on and off the track.” 

This message highlights the Mexican Grand Prix’s commitment to a more inclusive and respectful environment in motorsport.


In conclusion, the Formula 1 community has witnessed a significant episode revolving around Helmut Marko’s divisive comments about Sergio Perez. 

The swift and resolute responses from key figures like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen underscore the unwavering commitment to eliminating discrimination within the sport. 

The incident serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing work required to create an inclusive and diverse environment in Formula 1. 

Red Bull Racing’s firm stance against such remarks further solidifies the determination to foster respect and unity within the team and the sport. 

Additionally, the Mexican Grand Prix’s supportive message reinforces the importance of promoting a respectful and united Formula 1 community. 

As the sport continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly evident that discrimination has no place in this exciting world of motorsport.

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