Lewis Hamilton Provides Contract Update and Trashes Ferrari Rumors

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Lewis Hamilton provides contract update and trashes Ferrari rumors. Find out what is the whole deal about it. The Canadian Grand Prix is currently the highly anticipated event for all Formula One racers. However, fans have been eagerly waiting for the latest updates on Lewis Hamilton’s contract situation, despite the approaching Canadian GP. As a seven-time championship winner, Hamilton has become the center of attention in the Formula One community. With his contract with Mercedes nearing its end, there is great excitement to see whether he will continue his partnership with Mercedes, a team he has been with for nearly a decade, or if he will decide to embark on a new journey with a different team. Let’s delve into the details and find out.

Details of the Mercedes 2024 Contract Update

With just a few days remaining before the deadline to sign a new contract for the 2024 season, Lewis Hamilton’s contract extension with Mercedes remains a mystery. As the highly anticipated Canadian Grand Prix weekend unfolds, fans and observers are eagerly awaiting any updates.

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Fortunately, Hamilton recently broke his silence and provided some insight into the ongoing negotiations. The seven-time Formula One world champion revealed that he has engaged in discussions with Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff, regarding his future contract. While Hamilton’s response may not offer a definitive answer, it does suggest that Mercedes is still a viable option for him.

Rise of Ferrari Rumors

The absence of an official announcement regarding Lewis Hamilton’s contract extension has fueled rumors of a potential move to Ferrari. These rumors have spread like wildfire within the Formula One community, capturing significant attention. According to the swirling speculation, Ferrari has allegedly made a jaw-dropping offer of 40 million Euros per year to entice the seven-time champion to join their team. While such a substantial offer may seem fitting for a driver of Hamilton’s caliber, the question remains: Are these rumors grounded in truth or are they merely unfounded speculations?

Hamilton’s Dismissal of Ferrari Rumors

In response to the swirling rumors of Ferrari approaching Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes star decided to address the speculations head-on. Dismissing the press, Hamilton categorically denied any knowledge or approach regarding the alleged 40 million Euro deal offered by Ferrari. His swift dismissal puts an end to the speculation surrounding his potential move to the Italian team.

Additionally, Hamilton revealed that his new contract with Mercedes is well underway and nearing completion. Fans and enthusiasts will have to exercise patience for a few more weeks until the official announcement is made, eagerly anticipating the details of his continued partnership with the Silver Arrows.

Rumor Denial by Ferrari Team Principal Fred Vasseur

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The Ferrari rumors surrounding Lewis Hamilton have primarily centered around Fred Vasseur, the team principal of Ferrari. However, just as the seven-time champion swiftly dismissed the speculations, Vasseur himself has now debunked those baseless rumors. He emphasized that during this season, people are eagerly anticipating driver changes and are eager for any new stories related to it. Also, let us not forget that Ferrari might not need another driver as it already has stars studded to it, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.


Lewis Hamilton’s long-standing association with Mercedes has indeed fostered a familial bond over the past decade. While the possibility of Hamilton opting for a new team exists, it appears highly likely that he will continue his partnership with Mercedes for the 2024 season. The star himself has indicated that his new contract with Mercedes is in its final stages, suggesting an extension is on the horizon. As Hamilton prepares for the Canadian Grand Prix, let us extend our best wishes to him, hoping he secures the top spot on the podium once again.

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