From Racing to Revelry: Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Break with Shakira and Tennis Ace

Lewis Hamilton Enjoys Ibiza Yacht Trip with Tennis Star Jenny Stray Spetalen Image
Source: The Mirror

Lewis Hamilton’s F1 break with Shakira and Tennis ace. Lewis Hamilton, the 7-time Formula 1 world champion, is taking a well-deserved break from the race track during the summer hiatus. Recently, he was spotted enjoying some downtime on a luxurious yacht in Ibiza. Accompanying him was tennis sensation Jenny Stray Spetalen, adding to the intrigue surrounding Hamilton’s leisure activities. Adding fuel to the rumor mill, Hamilton was also seen partying with renowned pop star Shakira after his impressive performance at the British Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton’s Break from Racing with Ibiza Yacht Trip

Lewis Hamilton Spends Holiday in Ibiza with Tennis Ace Jenny Stray Spetalen Image
Source: Dagbladet

During Formula 1’s summer break, Lewis Hamilton is making the most of his time away from the racing circuit. Escaping to the beautiful island of Ibiza, Hamilton was spotted indulging in relaxation aboard a luxurious yacht. Accompanied by tennis star Jenny Stray Spetalen, the 7-time world champion is taking advantage of the break to unwind and recharge before the upcoming Hungarian Grand Prix. The Ibiza getaway showcases Hamilton’s ability to balance intense competition with well-deserved leisure time.

Hamilton’s Connection with Shakira

Hamilton Enjoys Break after British Grand Prix with Shakira Image
Source: Music Mundial

Speculation continues to swirl around the nature of Lewis Hamilton’s connection with international pop star Shakira. The duo was recently spotted together at Silverstone, where Shakira had flown in to support Hamilton. Fueling the rumors further, they were seen partying together at an after-party in London.

Hamilton’s Stance on Shakira Relationship

Amidst the spreading rumors about his relationship with Shakira, Lewis Hamilton aims to clarify his stance on the matter. While the recent appearance with Shakira at the British Grand Prix and subsequent after-party fueled speculation, Hamilton’s presence alongside tennis star Jenny Stray Spetalen in Ibiza indicates a cooling of the relationship rumors. Hamilton emphasizes his focus on enjoying his break, maintaining privacy, and avoiding further speculation surrounding his personal life.


In conclusion, Lewis Hamilton is making the most of his Formula 1 respite by indulging in leisure activities and taking time off from the racing circuit. His Ibiza yacht trip with tennis ace Jenny Stray Spetalen showcased his ability to unwind and recharge. While rumors of a relationship with Shakira persist, Hamilton’s recent appearance with Spetalen suggests a shift in focus and a desire to maintain privacy. As he enjoys his well-deserved break, Hamilton remains determined to balance his intense competition with personal relaxation and a degree of distance from the spotlight.

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