Racing to the Runway: Lewis Hamilton’s Fashion Fame Hits New Heights Worth $1.7 Million!

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Source: CNN

Lewis Hamilton’s fashion fame hits new heights worth $1.7 million. Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Drivers’ Champion, is renowned not only for his prowess on the race tracks but also for his extravagant fashion sense. With endorsements from top brands like Tommy Hilfiger and appearances in high-profile fashion shows, Hamilton’s influence in the fashion industry continues to soar. Let us delve deeper into the star’s fashion and style that is earning some really good millions.

Hamilton’s Fashion Triumph

Lewis Hamilton’s fashion statement is a testament to his status as a style icon. According to, Hamilton’s expected monetary value (EMV) surpasses that of any other sports star. Recently, he earned an astounding $1.7 million by attending esteemed fashion events, including Louis Vuitton, solidifying his influence in the fashion world. His fashion choices, including collaborations with top brands and his presence at high-profile shows, continue to captivate audiences, proving that Hamilton’s impact extends far beyond the race tracks.

Influence of F1 on Fashion

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Source: Sports Illustrated

The Formula 1 (F1) phenomenon has extended its reach beyond the race tracks, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion industry. Thanks to the popular Netflix series F1 Drive to Survive, F1 drivers have witnessed a surge in their fame, attracting the attention of top clothing brands. The newfound popularity has led to an influx of invitations to prestigious fashion shows for drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Pierre Gasly, and Guanyu Zhou.

Critics and Controversy: Clarkson and Schumacher Mocks at Hamilton’s Fashion

Clarkson, known for his straightforward commentary, mocked one of Hamilton’s outfits worn during the 2021 Turkish Grand Prix. In his Sun Column, he wrote, “That would suggest there are some people out there who liked it. And I’m not sure there are.” Similarly, following the Miami Grand Prix, Ralf Schumacher took a dig at Hamilton after his Mercedes teammate George Russell outperformed him in the main race. In his post-race column for Sky Deutschland, Schumacher wrote, “He’s not used to not winning. He wants attention, you can always see that in his outfits.”

The Intersection of Sports and Fashion

Style and fashion has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. Brands are leveraging the influence and reach of sports stars to create powerful collaborations and endorsements. Lewis Hamilton’s foray into the fashion world exemplifies this trend, as his status as a renowned F1 driver has propelled him into the spotlight as a fashion icon. By merging the worlds of racing and fashion, Hamilton and other athletes are redefining the boundaries of style and attracting a broader audience to both industries.


Our final thoughts are that Lewis Hamilton’s impact on the fashion world is undeniable. Beyond his seven-time Drivers’ Championship titles, his distinctive fashion sense and collaborations with top brands have solidified his status as a style icon. The intersection of sports and fashion continues to redefine traditional boundaries, captivating audiences and attracting a wider range of enthusiasts to both industries. Hamilton’s success as a fashionista and his ability to generate substantial revenue through his presence alone exemplify the power and influence of sports stars in the world of fashion.

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