Mahindra Faces Backlash and Bids Adieu to AI Influencer Amidst Social Media Uproar

Formula E Team Faces Criticism for Choosing AI Over Human Ambassador in Ava Rose Debacle Image
Formula E Team Faces Criticism for Choosing AI Over Human Ambassador in Ava Rose Debacle (Image Credit –

Mahindra Faces Backlash and Bids Adieu to AI Influencer Amidst Social Media Uproar. In a roller coaster of virtual stardom, Mahindra Racing’s ambitious venture into the realm of AI-generated influencers has taken an unexpected turn. 

The introduction of Ava Rose, a sustainable tech queen and racing rebel robot, sparked a social media frenzy, with fans and media alike expressing vehement disapproval

The team’s attempt to showcase its Formula E journey with an artificial creation faced a barrage of criticism, ultimately leading to the abrupt discontinuation of the controversial project. 

The uproar underscores the challenges and sensitivities surrounding the intersection of technology, representation, and authenticity in the motorsports world.

Mahindra Faces Backlash and Bids Adieu to AI Influencer Amidst Social Media Uproar

Mahindra Racing finds itself navigating stormy digital waters as the debut of their AI creation, Ava Rose, as an influencer triggers a maelstrom of social media dissent. 

The ambitious initiative to spotlight the team’s Formula E journey with an artificial ambassador backfires, prompting a swift retreat. 

Faced with a barrage of online disapproval, the team bids adieu to Ava amidst a clamor for authenticity and genuine representation in the motorsports realm.

Creation of Ava Rose

Embarking on a novel venture, Mahindra’s Formula E team harnessed the power of cutting-edge technology in the form of generative artificial intelligence services like Midjourney and Leonardo AI to bring forth the creation of their digital emissary, Ava Rose. 

Designed to document and amplify the team’s odyssey in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, this virtual influencer was conceived to embody the core values of innovation and sustainability, aiming to carve a distinctive space in the online realm.

Social Media Backlash

The grand unveiling of Ava Rose on social media platforms ignited a virtual storm of discontent

Fans and media swiftly voiced their displeasure, emphasizing the preference for a human ambassador over an AI creation

Concerns resonated about the environmental impact of AI, challenging the team’s commitment to sustainability. 

This widespread backlash underscored the delicate balance between technological innovation and the authenticity sought by the motorsports community.

Media Responses

In the wake of the digital upheaval surrounding Ava Rose, media responses echoed the sentiments of dismay. 

PR consultant Devin Altieri and automotive journalist Alanis King contributed critical perspectives, questioning the rationale behind choosing an AI influencer over a human counterpart. 

Mahindra Racing’s CEO, Frederic Bertrand, acknowledged the value of these critiques, leading to the decisive move to discontinue the unconventional project.

Swift Decision to Discontinue

Responding to the tidal wave of discontent, Mahindra Racing swiftly made the strategic choice to pull the plug on the AI influencer venture. 

CEO Frederic Bertrand emphasized the organization’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and innovation

Acknowledging the critiques, the decision to discontinue the unconventional project exemplified Mahindra’s responsiveness to the motorsports community’s expectations for authenticity and genuine representation.

Criticism from Motorsport Community

Within the motorsport community, the introduction of Ava Rose garnered intense scrutiny. 

Articles and opinions surfaced, criticizing Mahindra’s choice. Individuals such as Ash Vandelay, a prominent motorsport Twitch streamer, expressed frustration, emphasizing the persistent issue of women’s representation

This backlash underscored the broader challenges within the industry and the need for genuine strides toward inclusivity.

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Comparison with Formula One Initiatives

As Mahindra contends with the fallout from Ava Rose, a stark contrast emerges in Formula 1’s approach. 

F1, combating the lack of women’s participation, introduced initiatives like the W Series and the F1 Academy. 

Spearheaded by managing director Susie Wolff, these endeavors symbolize a proactive stride toward fostering inclusivity in the realm of motorsports.


In the whirlwind saga surrounding Mahindra Racing’s foray into the realm of AI-generated influencers with Ava Rose, the backlash and subsequent decision to discontinue the project emphasize the delicate balance. 

This balance is between technological innovation and the motorsports community’s yearning for authenticity.

The critiques echoed not only the concerns about AI but also broader issues of women’s representation. 

In stark contrast, Formula One’s proactive initiatives stand as a testament to the ongoing efforts to cultivate inclusivity within the motorsports arena. 

The controversy serves as a poignant reminder of the evolving landscape and the imperative for thoughtful strides toward a more authentic and inclusive future.

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