Mattia Binotto Refuses Audi and Insults its Executives as Clowns

Mattia Binotto and Audi

Mattia Binotto refuses Audi and insults its executives as Clowns. You heard us right! Mattia Binotto, the name that’s currently the talk of the racing world, has sparked a controversy that has left Audi a bit furious. As we all know, Audi has big plans for the 2026 season and has approached Binotto to lead their team. However, to everyone’s surprise, Binotto has reportedly turned down Audi’s offer. Not only that, he even went as far as insulting their staff. This happened when he visited Audi’s headquarters with high expectations, only to be left “disappointed” by what he saw. In his private messages, he referred to the team responsible for design as “clowns.” Quite unexpected, right?

Overview of Mattia Binotto’s career with Ferrari

Mattia Binotto has been a part of the Ferrari team since 1995. It’s no wonder he is one of the Italian sensations. He started as an engineer and worked his way up to eventually lead the team until 2023. During his time at Ferrari, Binotto experienced many successes. However, he also faced significant obstacles. For starters, his tenure at the Scuderia ended on a sour note in 2022, with Ferrari unable to compete with Mercedes and Red Bull.

Recently, Audi attempted to hire him as their F1 team principal prior to their entry in 2026. However, Binotto ultimately rejected their advances due to the poor condition of their Neuberg base, which was nowhere close to what Ferrari had in Maranello. This concluded Mattia Binotto’s long-standing association with Ferrari.

Audi’s Plans to Enter Formula 1 in 2026

Audi Debutes in 2026 Season

Audi, a fan favorite in Formula 1, is set to make its debut in the sport from the 2026 season. With uncompromising dedication, the automaker has made a substantial investment of over $200 million for the upcoming season. Additionally, they have recruited 300 personnel and established a new base in Germany. It’s an incredibly exciting endeavor!

To fulfill their ambitions, Audi embarked on a search for a team principal. They approached former Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto. However, their hopes were dashed when Binotto turned down the offer, despite visiting Audi’s headquarters and touring their Neuberg base in Germany. The Ex Ferrari Boss’ rejection came after he privately referred to some of Audi’s executives as “clowns” in personal messages.

As a renowned automaker, Audi quickly expanded their search and successfully recruited Andreas Seidl as CEO for the Sauber group and James Key from McLaren as the technical director. Let’s hope these new recruits meet the expectations of Audi and their fans.

Audi Rejects Rumors of Mattia Binotto’s Visit to Neuberg Base

Mattia Binotto Refuses Audi and Insults its Executives as Clowns

What comes as a real surprise is Audi has trashed down all the news about Mattia Binotto visiting its base in Germany. One of its spokespersons confirmed that Binotto had never visited their Formula 1 project headquarters. Despite this, it is believed his name remains in contention for a potential role with Audi as they prepare to make their debut in 2026.

To Wrap It Up

Mattia Binotto’s decision to decline leading Audi in Formula 1 has raised questions about the German automaker’s ambitious plans. However, Audi managed to secure Andreas Seidl as the CEO of the Sauber Group, along with James Key from McLaren as the Technical Director. The direction Audi is heading in remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: Binotto will not be part of their debut season in 2026. Now, all eyes are on Audi as they progress with their preparations for a successful entry into the world of Formula 1.

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